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    Upper Control Arm Bushings

    Have any of you done 95+ upper control arm bushings your self. Searched and found no write-ups, just a few folks who payed 200+ at the dealer for it. Haynes manual says you have to have "special" tools but does not ellaborate. If anyone has done them, can you tell me what "special" tools are...
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    I am getting sued for $4 Million!

    I am in a similar situation, but being sued for quite a bit less. ($350,000) If you have a good insurance company, they will take care of business. Mine picked a lawyer and the only time I get updated on my case is if I call and ask. The insurance companies attorney has taken care of...
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    Fresh out of Explorers

    Great that your boy joined the AF. On the OTS subject (or any other officer accession source), he does not have to be in for four years, he just needs to finish his degree. There are a huge number of enlisted commissioning programs that the Air Force has for active duty members. If he has...
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    War, Huh, good God Y'all

    Good luck boys. Remember to reenlist overseas if you are eligible and get a career field bonus (tax free). We'll be holdin the big guns (ICBM's) on standby out here on the high plains, so holler if ya need em'
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    How tall are you?

    6'6" and i like the fit
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    4WD Problem

    Roger that, I checked all the connections, they were good, then I unhooked the battery and reset the computer, it worked after that. Somebody suggested that in another thread and it worked, for now. There has to be some greater underlying problem that I will search for another day. As for...
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    Manual Hubs

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    Manual Hubs

    I do not fully understand the vacuum disconnect system; however, I do know that my 4wd is currently non functioning. If I put it in 4Lo I get three flashes of the light, and no engagement of the front end, any ideas?
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    Manual Hubs

    Does anyone know if there is a manual hub conversion for 96 explorers. I thought I saw something in a catalog but when I went back to look I discovered my wife had eliminated all my bathroom reading material.:(
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    4WD Problem

    I attempted to engage 4Lo while out this weekend. My 4auto and 4lo lights flashed three times then went out. The front wheels did not engage. Any suggestions?
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    rough idle and a miss, help

    Have you checked the PCV valve?
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    Smoke from hood when not warmed up

    Does it smell like burning oil?
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    Opinions on lift for 96

    4" 96-01 Ford Explorer by Superlift. It is about halfway down the page right here Dead Link Removed
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    fitting 31" tires on

    I have 31x10.5s on my sock ride height 96. I get virtually no rub in normal driving but it is EASY to stuff them off road. You can do a 2" torsion lift for about 50 bucks. Just buy the arrior shackle (PN-WAR153) and stick it in the back and crank your torsion bars. Although I don't know if...
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    Anyone go Tanning??

    It is against the law for me to get a sunburn. In the military it is against the uniform code of military justice to have a sunburn if it prevents you from performing regular duty. If you get a sunburn you have to suck it up or you can end up in a court martial!!!
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    Found info on the 4" superlift 96+

    I'm still chasin ma tail then. I called superlift and they told me that this one would fit a 96. I'm kinda new to this X game (ditched my jeep for a grocery getter :D)so I don't know all the different year suspensions and all that stuff yet. Thanks for the correction, I don't want to screw up...
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    which lift? Ranger or custom?

    $880 doesn't seem to bad. The fellas here in town said they can't get the explorer superlift for 95+. But they expected it to retail for like $1200 or more. They were real vague though, I don't think any of them had ever seen an explorer before.:confused:
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    Found info on the 4" superlift 96+

    Though I am a blundering fool on this space age machine, after all of my pestering about this gosh darn lift, i went to superlifts site and clicked on Dead Link Removed. It gives a brief write up of what is included, however there is still no avaiable date. At this point I will discontinue my...
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    Stadx2's 98 Limited Lift Pics

    That's cool, did you call them or what? Like I said I emailed em' and they told me sorry we don't have one. Then the folks at 4wd warehouse told me that I would have to wait for the upcoming 96-01 kit if I wanted one that was "made" for the x. It seems to me if these companies want to...
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    Antifreeze smell on startup

    Me too, heater control valve. Fixing it as I type matter o' fact.
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    Stadx2's 98 Limited Lift Pics

    I jut got off the phone with 4wd Parts wholesalers in Denver, they complemented your ride. They were very helpful and quoted about 1300 for the front. BUT, they told me I might need a new front drive shaft. Did you have to do this? Did it work without it? They also said that their...
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    Anybody done the superlift for 96+

    Thank you. Glossed right over that one. So many posts so little time.
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    Anybody done the superlift for 96+

    Just wondering if anyone out there has done the 4" superlift on their x. After an exhaustive search of the forums I could not really find a definitive opinion. I just want an honest opinion (not from haus down at the 4wd Warehouse) on whether or not it's worth the $$$. Thanks to any help...