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    Question About Painting Tail Lights (Pactra)

    I just got my Pactra window tint today and wanted to tint my tail lights. When I spray them with a light coat of Pactra then let them dry for a day or so can I put clear coat on it then spray them (with the Pactra again)after that drys...or do I hafta put the clear coat on after I finish all my...
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    For those with Billet Grills. Help please!

    Sounds good. thanks
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    For those with Billet Grills. Help please!

    Just purchased a billet grill (from MR.Grille) for my 99 Xlt. Its telling me to take off the plastic piece under the hood, then remove fold Emblem. I took off the black plastic piece, but how do I remove the ford emblem? It also says if you take the whole grill off its easier to install the new...
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    Best upgraded swaybar for 3" Body Lift???

    I currently have a stock 99 xlt. I'am getting my 3" Body Lift put on soon, and 32's and really want to get a better sway bar to reduce body roll. I will not be going off roadin at all either. I heard the EE swaybar works really good but is it still effective even with the BL? If not can some...
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    New 99 xlt Member from NC! Help with lift!

    Bryan here, just joined this great new site! I'am currently here in Charlotte NC, and just got a 2wd XLT. I was really wanting to get an overall lift of about 4 or 5" with 32" BFG's. I really dont do any off roading, I wanted to do a 3" Body Lift, then something else. Any suggestions? Also I...