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    Trans. service

    My owners manual says 60K, but there are ALOT of differing opinions. I hope I dont end up making the wrong decision but im not gonna do it till I get to 55-60k.
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    02 Explorer 4x4 Advance trac lite stays on

    You really need to get the code pulled to find out which part of the adv-trac system is bad. My problem was the brake pressure sensor on the brake module under the hood. damn thing was $125! and another $90 for them to pull the code. Turns out there is not many shops that can pull ABS codes.
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    2005 spark plugs.

    It just shows where your mind was when you were creating your account!! lol
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    Explorer Forum License Plate Frames !!!

    Funds sent!!
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    Problem w/ AdvanceTrac

    I had the same message on mine and it turned out one of the wires on the ABS connector (under the hood) was not pushed all the way in the connector. I just cleaned the plug and connector disconnected the battery for 30 min and all is good since then. Worth a try.
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    05 exp P2104,2110,2111,2112

    Wow what a PITA this is turning out to be for you!!! Sure do hope it is the PCM and not some other goofy problem. Please post back once you get it fixed and let us know if the PCM fixed the problem.
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    What Exhaust Tip did you go with?

    Thats the same one I have. I really like the way it looks too!
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    Need Help With Fuel Guage

    I need some help!!! I have an 05 explorer and when I fill up with gas my fuel guage will be on full and all of a sudden it will drop to below E. then a few minutes later it will go to the 3/4 mark. then the SES light will come on. I went and had the codes pulled ant it says there is a problem...
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    05 exp P2104,2110,2111,2112

    Shawn, I had similar issues and all the same codes and was frustruated and took it to the dealer to fix. The reflashed the PCM and put in a new throttle body. I was also told the Engine Failsafe Mode was V8 specific but some of the early 05 V6 models had that in their programming.
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    White faced gauges

    Look GREAT!!!!:thumbsup:
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    3rd gen Explorer Blend Door Actuator Replacement

    Hey Moderators How about a stickey on this post?
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    Help with DIN connections on a 6Cd in-dash stereo?

    You can go to Best Buy and get the connector that plugs directly into the OEM harness. It has all the wires with the standard color codes on the new plug. I just bought one when I replaced my head unit and the plug was about $15-$20 a little pricey but there is no cutting and splicing into the...
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    how to remove door panels

    When I replaced my speakers I did not remove the part around the handle first and broke one of the little lock cover clips/latches. grrrrrrrrr:mad: On the other three I removed the handle cover and was able to get the lock covers off without any damage.
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    They dont "eat" the fluid. as the break pads wear the calipers extend out farther so the fluid "relocates" to the caliper. There is no need to bleed the system unless the fluid level is completely out of the fluid resevoir, and it is not if the brake light just comes on while braking. You can...
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    Check your break fluid level, thats probably why your brake light comes on while braking and why you have to push down farther on the pedal to brake.
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    AdvanceTrac Issues

    They just reprogrammed the ABS system. There were no codes that I know of but there had to be something to lead them into reflashing it?
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    AdvanceTrac Issues

    Mine is a 2005 and had a constant on Advtrac message. When I finally got aggrivated with it I took it in to the stealership and all they did was reflash the ABS module and that fixed it.
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    2005 Door Panels

    Thanks donner thats just what I was looking for! I removed the door panels on the 2000 just as you described storlied but the 2 screws near the handle wernt there on this one so I knew there had to be something different. Is there any problems replacing the stock head unit w/a new one and...
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    2005 Door Panels

    I have a couple of newbie questions and I am hopeing yall can help me out! I am going to put new speakers in the doors of my 2005 Explorer and would like to know how to remove the door panels. are they still held on with the push clips? are there any screws etc that need to be removed? Can...
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    Just bought another Explorer

    Hi everyone!! I just bought my son a new (to us) 2005 Explorer XLS. I have owned a 91 sport that I bought used w/159,000 in 2003 and sold in 2005 w/189,000 and had no major problems. I then bought a 2000 Explorer in 1/2007 w/163,000 and dumped a load of money into and continuously had something...