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    my 92 wont start

    So you do NOT have 12 volts at the pump connector? I would check the inertia switch first. if it seems ok, check for 12v before and after the switch. Then, i'd move back to the FP Relay. Check before and after for power.
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    no headlights in 96

    Not all of them have auto headlights. my 2000 xlt ranger does not my 2004 xl Explorer does not So. yes. I use my headlight switch quite a bit. I take it this is a Canada truck?
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    Yes Or No For Towing?

    If i were in your shoes, i'd probably do it. There are a few things that I would do in preperation Make sure you know your stopping distance. you are going to have a heck of a time getting that to slow down. Just be careful and keep your stopping distances. Make sure you watch your temp...
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    my 92 wont start

    Didnt see this in the thread. Did you by chance check your Inertia switch?
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    no headlights in 96

    Had this happen to my 87 Ranger. If your concerned about the airbag, disconnect the battery for at least 5 minutes before you start any work. you shouldnt have to pull the airbag, so as long as you dont cut or damage any YELLOW Jacketed wires, you should be fine. You can discriminate...
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    Yet Another High Idle 4.0 OHV

    Plugs and wires are fairly new, i'd say less than a year. So your saying yours runs around 800 or so when in gear? When the AC kicks in, does it surge significantly? I'm talking a 200-300 RPM Jump. IAC Cleaned. MAF Cleaned. No Seafoam yet. Anyone have an Automatic OHV that they can...
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    Yet Another High Idle 4.0 OHV

    Hello to all! I've recently purchased a 2000 Ranger with the 4.0 OHV engine. Very familiar with this engine, since it was the same as the 93 Navajo I used to have. However, there is one big difference. The Upper Intake on this truck is Plastic. I've been battling a somewhat High Idle...
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    why no manual lock/unlock on rear hatch????

    Weird! I owned a 1st Gen, which has the typical button for lock unlock, and I now own a 3rd Gen, which has a manual control on the face of the rear hatch. So 2nd Gen's didnt have anything like that? not a simple up / down indicator? Chock it up to another "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!"
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    Plastic upper intake leak v6 4.0

    Awesome Write up - I have also been having this issue. I have the 171 and the 174 codes, but more importantly i've had a high idle that tends to pull me through intersections with my 2000XLT. I will definately get epoxy and run a seam of it along the two halves of the upper intake. there are...
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    Bad miss, mechanic doesn't know...

    Sounds like i'd start with the MAF. I had a 93 that had a really bad surge / jerking problem light throttle, and it was the MAF. Cleaning didnt help. it too was VERY intermittent. good luck,
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    fireing order for 2000 2.5

    Wait - What are you trying to do. Why do you need to retard the timing? That's computer controlled, you changing the firing order does not seem to me like a good idea. you'll set enough codes and check engine lights to light up a christmas tree, killing any chance of gaining mileage from a...
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    Which year to purchase?

    My personal opinion. I've owned an 87 Ranger 2.9 2x4, a 93 Navajo 4x4, a 2000 Ranger 4x4 and a 2004 Explorer. I think i've had one of each Generation. For all around price vs durability, i'd go with the 2nd gen, i.e. 95-01. the Independent Front Suspension makes a huge difference over Twin...
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    Fog light switch

    Fogs only come on when low beams are on - My 00 Ranger is the same way. My Brother's 93 Ranger is also the same way.
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    What temperature thermostat 00 SOHC 4.0

    192/195 will be the correct temp. If you pull your thermostat, expect your truck to get worse mileage, premature wear on the Catalytic Converter. Not a good idea. If you start overheating this summer, find the culprit. Radiator / Fan Clutch / etc... Truck should have no issue keeping cool.
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    How do i fix a flashing O/D light on my 95 Explorer Sport

    Same thing happened on my 2004 Ex. 1100 later, i had a new solenoid pack inside the transmission. only recommendation i have is, fix it ASAP, and drive it as little as possible. When o/d light is flashing, transmission is in FAIL SAFE Mode, where it shifts as hard as it can, in order to prevent...
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    Is maaco okay???

    I had Maaco do my 87 Ranger a few years back - Prep work is very minimal, at best. Even if you pay them to do "prep" save yourself a lot of hassle later. Pull off all emblems, mouldings, and things like wiper arms and such. strip the truck down. this also includes headlights, taillights...
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    Stalling Problem

    Well, The only things I would know that would cause stalling at highway speed as well as Idle would be Loose or failing Crankshaft Position Sensor Ignition Coil Pack (faulty wiring to it also if it's loose) Fuel Pump? (You may be able to hear this one stop if you cycle the key and it's...
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    Stalling Problem

    Tell us more about when it stalls. are you at highway speed? are you idling? Is it hot / cold? That should narrow it down a bit more.
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    rough idle in gear?

    Yeah, my first guess would be that you have a failing IAC valve, but if the computer is giving it false information from a failing sensor elsewhere, then you dont know. I've seen problems on my old 93 where it would hardly idle at all - rough idle simply because it was idling too low. Is that...
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    tried it all

    Well, from what you describe, i'd go two ways on this one. The first one would be that i'd use a Digital Volt Ohm Meter to test the Throttle Position Sensor. I had a Ranger that did something similar every time you touched the throttle, and it could have a dead spot in it. That however, does...
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    2003 high/ low beam mod

    Not sure, you'd have to look at the wiring schematic to figure it out, But what i wanted to say was if you do that, count on swapping out bulbs much more frequently. When you run both fillaments at the same time, the bulbs deteriorate very quickly, and they will fail.
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    Pinging on highway.

    I say you still have a Misfire. Normally, the OBDII Explorers are good about catching misfires, but maybe this one only occurs under a slight load. I read through the thread again, but want to make sure. You have changed plugs and wires on this truck?
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    Gotcha. Just wanted to make sure that the thread wasn't going down the wrong path.
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    Parking brake falls to the floor

    The recall on the PArking Brake has to do with the Ratchet Mechanism on the PB Pedal assembly. It will skip when you apply the brake. Mine does it. So every 3rd or 4th time you apply the brake, it will slip, you'll have to disengage the brake, and try again. You need to determine if you...
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    Lifters making ticking noise

    I used to have ticking lifter noise as well. If you change the oil more frequently, sometimes you can cure that. I'm talking once every 1000 miles or so. Use a lighter weight oil also, like a 10:30 or 5:30. I don't know if i'd go with the 5:20 because that could be a bit too thin for 4.0l