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    How do I get a remote for my keyless entry? (95 Xlt)

    The ones from ebay do have soft buttons, but they do give a tactile 'click' when pushed. For $20, it's a hard to beat deal. They come with programming instructions which are extremely easy to follow.
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    How do I get a remote for my keyless entry? (95 Xlt)

    I bought a keyless entry FOB on ebay. There are a ton of replacement FOBs there for pretty cheap and they come with programming instructions. Good luck!
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    1997 Rear Wiper Motor

    I'm having a frustrating issue with my rear wiper on my 97 Sport. The rear wiper motor gave up ghost before I bought it last year. I finally got around to replacing the motor this past weekend using the great 'how to' on the forums. Unfortunately, the new (reman) Cardone motor only rotates...
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    Newbie aboard!

    Hi all, I just purchased a 97 Sport 4x4 on Saturday and am really enjoying it! It looks great, is a pleasure to drive, and feels much more like a truck than most of the other 'sporty' SUVs out there. I'm planning to replace the thermostat while I'm flushing the radiator as well as doing...