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    97 Mountaineer Transmission pump seal bad

    Replaced the pump seal and it still leaks?! There are a few things that I might have done to cause this. 1. I bought the seal at Advance auto 2. Torque converter sat in the trans for a few days before I put it back in the truck Before I go through the hassle of doing this again, I...
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    96 Eddie Bauer AWD making clicking / knocking sounds

    I just went through this on my daughter's 91. I checked everything you can think of with regards to drivetrain, relaced hubs, checked U-joints. I looked at the brakes and they looked fine(lots of pad left). I decided to disassemble the brakes and found the clip that attaches the pad to the...
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    d@mn autolockouts

    Warns? These sound like a great deal! I have read from this thread that our axles are 31 spline. So when this item says "with a 27 spline outer axle", does this mean they will not fit? I am new to this 4X parts world. I have the click clacking auto locks as well...
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    Cold Air Intake for 91-94 Explorers

    This is what I am going to do! Found this air box mod on the web and really like the idea. Talk about economical. Other than deep water crossings, is there any thing else wrong with it.
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    2-3" Body lift...yes/no!?!?

    31x10.50 baja claws rub? RCMANN, your truck looks great with those tires. Are you having any issues with rubbing? That 2 inch BL would be perfect for me.