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    How to: Cold air in glove box -OR- No air flow from vents on Max AC - Here's a workaround

    Thanks to the OP for providing the background to accomplish this fix. This is my solution to keeping the door in place. It is a chop stick. I did trim the end of it before putting the glove box in place.
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    05 explorer 4.6 4x4 whining & thumping

    Regarding the thump /jolt issue; I had 2 rear tires replaced on my 04 EB V8 and noticed that on deceleration and coasting, the vehicle would jerk and thump. This was due to not replacing all 4 tires and the front 2 being more worn than the rear, causing the vehicle to engage and disengage the...
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    Floor mat retaining hook

    For anyone with a broken hook, found this on ebay and amazon... Ford PN# 1W6Z-76130A83-AA
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    Arm Rest organizer

    Seems like the best option at this point. Will have to check those door skins out, thanks
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    Arm Rest organizer

    Does anyone know of, or have an organizer for the space in the arm rest console. Internet search yielding nothing specific. Thanks
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    Aftermarket Tune to fix v8 gas pedal

    What are the symptoms exactly of drive-by-wire system you are having?
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    Question about sway bar end link lengths; experiences with 1AAuto

    I just purchased an upper control arm from 1AAuto which a local shop installed for $89 (1hr) and am so far happy with it. I also purchased a cv axle shaft from 1A as well and am pleased with the product so far. Time will tell though so will see how the do down the road.
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    How many miles will an explorer go for?

    I think it boils down to finding the right example of one. As there are a ton of Explorers out there, buying from the right type of person is important. I recently purchased an 04 Eddie Bauer with 136k on the clock but this thing was so well cared for it runs like something with half the miles...