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    Installed my Lund moon visor

    I paid $95 shipped for it on eBay a few years back. It was originally the dark forest green color. Did prep work myself and had maaco do a cheapo paint job on it I think for around $120. Then bought superbrightleds for $40 I believe. The originally price tag on these were around $300 new
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    Installed my Lund moon visor

    Hey all, been a long time since I've posted here. I bought a Lund moon visor years ago and finally had the chance to finish the project and install it myself after thanksgiving. Figured I'd share it with you all. Hardly adds any extra road noise at all, cuts gas mileage about .25mpg. Adds cool...
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    Flowmaster 40 install price

    Oh thats not too bad if its parts included. I ended up spending $360 for mine but it was stainless steel.
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    Flowmaster 40 install price

    seems kinda expensive going by $99/hr for labor I don't think it took longer than 2 hours for me and my dad to install my gibson exhaust. Is flowmaster not a bolt on exhaust?
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    Torsion twist query(have searched already)

    both of them bottomed out? I only screwed my driver side one in completely before finally reaching around 1.75-2 in of lift. Passenger side was only a few turns to level it. I think it might also depend on the torsion bar letter code on the door jam but I never paid attention to it for mine
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    Pics of my window switch LEDs

    great information i have about 4 of those sitting on my desk still :thumbsup:
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    New shocks after Shackles and TT?

    I did Bilsteins front and rear but I would recommend getting bigger tires before upgrading the shocks. I noticed the most improvement after the tires
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    SOHC Headers of Choice

    It is the quietest aftermarket exhaust they make for our engine. The paper they sent with the exhaust said it was a 1/10 on their loudness chart. Its a really low deep sound which I like and its not very loud at all. I can only ever really hear it over 2000rpm or at low speeds. I found it for...
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    SOHC Headers of Choice

    Pretty much everyone with SOHC 4.0 keeps the stock headers because its just too expensive for brand new ones with little to no gain. Explorerexpress has stainless steel and ceramic headers for about twice the price you found on eBay. I personally wouldn't remove the cats because from what I've...
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    How to: SOHC PCV Valve Mod thru 2000

    Just wanted to add my experience when changing the PVC on 2000 Explorer, the metal one used in this post (purolator i think) felt like it was gonna break the plastic if it was forced into the T connector so ended up grinding the top down a little bit so it would fit easier. Must have grinded a...
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    LED Mirror Light Conversion (Pics)

    Just wanted to thank Mustangp51 for this post as it helped me make my puddle lights so much brighter! Also wanted to add a picture of the plug in connector I made for those who don't like to splice things like me. hopefully this helps someone!
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    Revised: Fog Light Mod

    (2000 XLT) I just cut off pin #2 in my fog lamp relay and the fogs stay on with high beams. I have replacement relay from junkyard explorer if needed to return to stock.
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    To paint or not to paint?

    to also help your decision..
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    Sport Front Sway Bar Bushing/Link Kit Replace

    I used the same kit you bought too on my explorer. Works great no complains easy to install without a jack
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    Possible exhuast leak? or just weird rear air noise....

    if its an exhaust leak there would be a corralation between the noise and when you step on the gas pedal. Also checking the exhaust for holes helps too
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    Which Brush Guard!?

    They don't really make them anymore, I ended up getting a new one made by Aries 3047 brush guard off of amazon...
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    What's Your Excuse!!

    all i got done this winter was brush guard and added led light bar
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    What's Your Excuse!!

    its been freezing outside, I have too many parts sitting around my house. The only time i could change my oil was after a snow storm...
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    Adding Defroster Mirrors

    awesome write up always wanted to do this but never though there was mirrors out there that would work properly. more summer projects haha
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    Replacement lid/armrest for console

    i think ford charges $70 for a replacement? or check your local junkyard (good luck im still looking for one haha) also try ebay/craigslist
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    5.0 exhaust makes rattle noise at start up

    Well you said you didnt have this noise until the exhaust guy put on your muffler? He could have always messed something up. Also an exhaust leak sounds more like a whisle and you would hear it when stepping down on the throttle, rattling sounds more like the cats to me. mine still sounds...
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    5.0 exhaust makes rattle noise at start up

    could be the heatshield around the catalytic converters, my old explorer did that and made a hell of a racket all of the time
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    Lift help??

    to dersch6221992: let us know when you put those shocks on with TT and AAL/shackles. I have the same setup as you except i ended up getting a brand new hd leaf spring pack. I am evenly 2" front and back right now. I was thinking those monroes would lift the back up higher than the front with...
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    Step by Step on Bedlining trim

    I didn't use any type of adhesive just self etching primer so i didnt have to sand again after putting on the primer. I did do this during the summer though when the temps were around 80 degrees so not sure if that will yield better results for sticking to plastics. I used this same method...
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    Step by Step on Bedlining trim

    I did it to my trim pieces and just sanded them with one of those sponge looking sanders from lowes. After sanding i used acetone on them to clean them up. Also i would try to wash them before sanding to try to remove any dirt already on them. Then i just used self etching primer and the...