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    Swapped 5R55S for 5R55W, should I swap pcm as well?

    The 2003 harness I have but it doesn't plug in at the pcm so I used the 2002 so since I don't have the 2003 pcm I think I'll have to do some more searching one guy said I have to put the some of the older transmission to the newer housing but I'm not sure about that
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    Tranny swap question 5R55W to 5R55S

    I'm working on my 2002 and I'm trying to switch to a 2003 5r55s and the forward gears stays in the top gear after looking at the wiring for both the 2002 has 21 wires on the main plug and the 2003 has 30 but the plug will plug in at the transmission just don't work right