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    275/65r20 pizza cutters?

    I would love to see these fitted, as that's the size I'm looking at with no lift. My wheels have a larger offset than factory so the width should be ok...but I'd love to see pics of these. I'm actually thinking about the BFG A/T.
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    What's in your cargo area?

    I usually have my seats stowed and a cargo liner over top. Also have the bumper protector and a cargo net to keep things inside.
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    Eco Boost vs V6 for towing

    Some people...seriously unbelievable! This is a perfect example of an accident waiting to happen that could have been avoided. Do you wanna be the guy that killed someone's child in traffic accident because you knowingly towed over your manufacturer's limit?! It's a f*cking LIMIT not a suggestion!!
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    Dashboard creak

    I'm having this exact same thing going on, along with a laundry list of other stuff. I have an appointment on tuesday, and to be honest, I'm not holding my breath....they will probably just say that they can't replicate the problem. ....ugh the woes of owning Ford.
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    Muffler upgrade question

    I would suggest Magnaflow, they make nice 4" tips. I totally agree that the stock tips are way too small for that size car. 4" would look really nice. I actually have a pair of MF mufflers with 4" tips on my garage and have been contemplating to put them on....
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    Custom PS door

    that really sucks, but lucky at the same time that it's so contained to the door.
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    Running Boards - DeeZee and Others

    I started seeing some rust develop after this winter on my Aero nerf bars and was considering the Deezee....but now this definitely changed my mind. First the fact that some people's brackets bent, and now this....I'll be looking at doing some rust touch up and they will be GTG again. Thanks for...
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    Dual Moon roof Rattle

    Really not sure, it was covered under warranty and it was a while ago...sorry
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    Lift kits for 5th gen. Explorer

    I would like to see this too, but done right, with upsized tires and nice wide rims. I always wanted to go lower with mine, but after this last winter and actually having gotten stuck in snow that was up to the doors, I now would potentially consider this mod. This is a PS someone on here...
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    Added Magnaflow today to my 3.5 V6 Limited

    Wheels alone will never make your ride appear lowered, poke or no poke. By going with a 22" rim you are already compromising the vehicles capabilities, making it delicate to leave the tarmac. This is why I'm sticking with 20's on stock height, with just a wider stance. All the capabilities are...
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    Hoen H11 Fog Light Xenonmatch

    I have a similar setup for my high beams in my Audi, the output looks whitish, but for the onlooker there is still a yellow hint to it and the output is not nearly as strong as from a clear bulb. Purely aesthetic, so for that, good alternative.
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    Added Magnaflow today to my 3.5 V6 Limited

    This vehicle becomes sexy with a bit of poke, so don't be shy! put on some big boy shoes and show it off! One thing I have noticed is that 22's look weird at stock ride height, if I were to upsize, I would definitely lower it, especially if that carid Explorer is your inspiration. Also keep in...
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    New goodies for the Stealth Bomber

    LOL, definitely very retro vehicle selection....someone really likes the 80's! :aerostar: Show us the EXPLORER, it's kind of an Explorer forum so..... :hammer:
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    HID Install +Pics - Step by Step

    This talks about the lumens output from specific kelvins, assuming they are all on the same standard 35 watt ballast. But if you up the wattage of the ballast, you get a more "powerful" output that will be brighter and reach farther. I've had 6000K HIDs in 3 different vehicles and each time the...
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    HID Install +Pics - Step by Step

    Yes colour-wise, but the "strength" of the output is weak IMO. So replacing the oem parts with more powerful 55W ballasts as well as 5000-6000K bulbs. I have such a kit in hand, but when I looked at installing it, it seemed as though the lights have to come out to get to the ballasts, and to get...
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    HID Install +Pics - Step by Step

    Has anyone upgraded the original HIDs to brighter, more powerful after market ones? I bough a kit but when I tried to install I realized this was going to be way more difficult than expected. Ive done this on my S4 where it was super easy.
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    New goodies for the Stealth Bomber

    BTW, where is your Explorer?? Driveway pics must include Explorer! :salute: ;)
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    New Member

    Sounds like a nice line-up, you should post a pic of your driveway here:
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    Which drop in air filter is best for the Explorer

    Since this is about air intakes, I would like to share my 2 cents. I installed the K&N CAI to get better gas mileage and sound. Turns out it doesn't help at all with gas mileage, in fact I think it went down. It does however sound pretty good under WOT. But not worth it. I would not recommend it...
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    Anyone Know What This Is?

    That's where the Gremlins live, it's their air supply
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    New Member

    welcome to the forum Jen, like Peter said, check out the modified section, you will find lots of ideas for your new toy. It's a nice vehicle, you'll enjoy it, especially once you really made it your own!
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    New goodies for the Stealth Bomber

    Yes, why not, this can be the official explorer owners "show us your driveway" thread lol. Nice Porsche! So jealous of your SoCal weather. Maybe not the draught though. We've got yet another snow storm on the other side of the continent. Anyone else experience worse fuel mileage with the CAI?
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    Snow Driving

    WOW.....OK. So there are "HARDY" any roads in a "LOT PLACES"? How is the navigation system "worthless"? Have you had it appraised? I'm sure you meant to say "useless". But that's probably just because you don't know how to use it, much like the english language. Oh and congratulations, I...
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    My 2014 Sport

    I like your performance mods, but as for the aesthetics, I don't like the green accents and I definitely don't like the tinted headlights and tail lights. 8000K is already a lesser light output than OEM spectrum and through the tint, that blueish light is completely lost. Kind of counter...