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    2gen parts for my first gen?

    Wheels, Door Panels (front will contact first gen dash if you keep it), dashboard, overhead console, seats with a front bracket change, doors themselves I'm pretty sure will swap. Rear hatch will not due to taillights, but there have been people who cut into the rear 1/4's to run second gen...
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    New build, 92 XLT just finished it!

    Looks great - I'm always happy to see people save these trucks from their demise. It's amazing how little money gets you such bang for your buck with these Explorers. Your wife did a great job cleaning it up too. Might want to consider a fresh set of lights for the front and that would really...
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    anyone replaced coil springs with moogs to restore the ride height and add washers?

    Cheapest option is to search around for F150 coil spacers - they should net you about 1.5" of lift up front without having to run stud extenders/ replace your coils. They are a discontinued part from the Ford dealer, but I recently bought a set off Ebay for $45 to pick up my sagging Skyjacker...
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    EYourlife (chinese stuff) 23" 144W LED Bar install and photos

    Good to see the cheap versions are still getting the job done!
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    Jeep stuff we can use? Seriously..

    I'm running Skyjacker "Quick Disconnect" sway bar links meant for a YJ with 6" of lift. They fit perfect for a 5.5" Skyjacker Lift on the Dana 35 TTB - much better than sway bar drop brackets. I did end up welding them into solid links because I kept snapping pto type pins that hold them...
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    Saginaw power steering pump conversion journey

    I've been wanting to do this for years. I even made a prototype bracket to run the self contained van pump, but never got around to remaking it with exact measurements that wouldnt throw the belt. Keep brainstorming - This is a very worthwhile upgrade to the 4.0...
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    Sector9's 91 explorer

    Looks great man! Even though it's old and faded I love that two tone. I've been runnning a similar setup - Ever find you want to do something about axle wrap in the rear? I've been neglecting to fab something - but I have a Skyjacker 5th link meant for a Jeep sitting around that I've been...
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    4.56 vs 4.88

    Found this thread and thought I'd do a followup. Have been driving the truck for about 2 years since I fully rebuilt it. Ran the alternate LSD clutch stacking - works great! If anyone is considering it and worried about longevity - mine is still functioning perfect 20k miles later. I have...
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    Completed Project New Navajo Truggy build

    No more 5 Speed? That is a pretty stout auto but I figured you might stick with a manual being you had the truck swapped for it. If you don't mind telling who did the reprogram? I'd like to ask them if they have the ability to remove all Trans functions to allow the truck to run properly...
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    Completed Project New Navajo Truggy build

    Motor sounds great! From the last pic I take it you're running a second gen Explorer engine/ electronics?
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    93 Explorer Sport slave cylinder connector won't stay

    I know this is an old thread but in case someone is looking at this for research: There are two different style Slave Cylinders between 1991-1994 in the Explorers. The only difference between them is the fitting on the cylinder that connects to the hard hydraulic line. If you have an...
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    1350/54 duel tcase shifters

    Wow! This is much cleaner than just jamming a second stick through the floor. Great job!
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    Motor Swap Question

    No offense but you have much more research to do. The trans you are looking for is a M5OD-R2 - Specifically one that came behind the 4.2 V6. This trans will bolt up to a 302, but put the shifter farther forward in a similar location to a M5OR1 that came in the Explorer/Ranger. Talking...
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    Roof rack light upgrade - LED lightbar & bricks

    Looks great! Nice job on the mounting. Did you ever catch the old lightbar/ roofrack on low hanging branches in tight trails? I always seem to find something low hanging I have to squeeze under.
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    install of a mini spool

    Not if you plan on driving regularly on paved road.
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    5spdman's slow and cheap XLT build

    Watch some videos online of how to bleed the clutch setup - it is an incredibly stubborn SOB if you attempt to do it installed in the truck. A better option is to bleed it preassembled on the bench, then install it in the truck. Found it -...
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    mountaineer chop top.

    Damn - when I opened this thread and saw you relocated the hatch all the way forward to just behind the front doors I gritted my teeth a little bit. I thought it would be pretty hard to get the truck to look clean with the remnants of the rear doors. Then I saw the next few pictures where you...
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    Future lift on stock 1994

    If you are on a budget: Suspension- Front: (Choose one) 1) 2 inch lift coils (I reccomend Skyjacker or James Duff if Duff makes them) 2) F150 TTB Coil seats -Net roughly 1.5." You will need an alignment and at least 2 degree eccentric camber bushings (roughly $50 for the bushings) Rear...
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    4wd swap

    99% sure it's a bolt in swap - Off the top of my head you need the trans/ tcase/ driveshafts/ front axle and suspension assembly/ beam brackets and 4WD modulator. You can use the 2wd trans if you rip it apart to change out the tailhousing and shaft with the 4wd trans pieces - Not worth the work...
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    My 5.0 swap with details

    You would be insane to run that steering pump with that beautiful motor. Go buy a bracket for a Saginaw pump and you will have twice the PSI and more importatntly whine-free steering! The 302 swap affords you the option of deleting one of Ford's few achilles heels - that pitiful whiney PS pump.
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    Saginaw PS Pump Conversion

    Hey guys, Researched this on and off for a while now. I've always wanted to run the saginaw style pump from a Ford Econoline sporting the Inline 6 on our 4.0 OHV motors, and never could find any aftermarket support for this swap. This pump is practically silent, and puts out nearly double the...
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    Seeking Advice on Suspension Rehab/Upgrade

    The used car market today is insane. If you are mechanically inclined you can get your Explorer to better than new condition for very little money, and it will be more capable than anything for the price. My latest setup is a 4door/Mildly rebuilt 4.0/5 speed/4.56 gears/35 inch tires. I...
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    1993 explorer that I was offered for trade

    Looks good - I'd go for it!
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    1993 explorer that I was offered for trade

    Read through a couple Solid Axle swap threads here first so you can assess the quality of the build the guy did on his Explorer. Some things I would make sure of/ questions I would ask: - Check that draglink and tracbar are parallel - Make sure Radius arm mounts/ coil buckets/ trac bar...
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    Steering pump issues with 33s?

    The Ford PS pump sure does whine and groan but it does provide sufficent pressure for larger tires. I've ran 35x12.50 for probably 30,000 miles without one self destructing yet. Ford used the pump you see in your Explorer in everything from the Ford Taurus up to the f250/350 during the...