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  1. K

    2003 Explorer rear end swaying

    Ok get this. I got the explorer all jacked up and took the tire off. I rented a 35 MM socket at Autozone to take of the axle nut. Got the socket put on and was really expecting to have to really put a lot into it to get it off. It wasn't even tight!!!!!! I about had a heart attack. I tightened...
  2. K

    2003 Explorer rear end swaying

    thanks for all the help guys... I am going to start troubleshooting tomorrow.
  3. K

    2003 Explorer rear end swaying

    When I drive my Explorer, the rear end is swaying really bad. I jacked it up and felt some play in the rear wheel. My first though was the wheel bearing. It isn't making any noise at all. Is there anything else that could be causing this?
  4. K

    2003 Explorer heater not heating correctly.

    I have a 2003 Explorer and when I start it up in the mornings, the heater won't get warm until after I start driving. I can let it run for 20 minutes in the morning and it will not get warm until you start driving it. After it gets warm it will stay warm. Anyone have any idea what would be going on?
  5. K

    PLease Help... This is really weird 2003 Explorer

    I came out this morning and had a flat on my 2003 Explorer. I got out the jack and the spare tire and removed the flat and replaced it with the spare............... Now the weird part. After putting on the spare I decided I would go for a test drive to see how it drove with the spare. After...
  6. K

    Need Help Please with Rear AC

    I have a 2003 Explorer XLT. Here recently, the rear vents only blow hot air when the a/c is on for the rear. It just started a few weeks ago. Can someone give me a clue of what could cause this. Thanks
  7. K

    Rear A/C blows hot air!!!! Help

    I have a 03 XLT and just recently the rear a/c started blowing out hot air. All the vents in the front blow out cold air, but just the vents in the ceiling is blowing out hot air. Can anyone help? I am going on vacation in a few days and my kids are screaming at me to get it fixed. thanks
  8. K

    keypad code

    open the passenger rear door and it is to the left
  9. K

    keypad code

    Here is how to get the code.....Remove the upper trim where the seatbelt goes in to. You will also have to try to pull back the lower trim underneath that. There is a black computer module behind the lower trim. You will have to use a small mirror and slide into between the trim and computer...
  10. K

    03 Cruise Problem

    I am having a issue with my cruise control.... Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes when I go to set the cruise, the cruise light will flash once and then go off and will not set. This is the case most of the time, it will work only once a month maybe. Also my ABS light has...