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    2016 PIU Adding Fog Lamps

    I believe those cutouts in the plastic grill were for the lower brackets of a Setina push bar.
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    Alt siren speaker locations

    Sorry if I'm completely clueless, but how would I go about finding the 2014 PIU upfitter guide on Ford Fleet's page? I have found other thing on it, but can't seem to find this one.
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    2015 Explorer Transmission sticks in low gear after sudden deceleration

    Have you attempted to completely drain and fill the transmission fluid? If it has never been changed or has not been changed in a while, there is a chance the transmission could act flukey as a result. Just something to potentially think about as well. (I know this may be entirely separate from...
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    2015 Explorer Transmission sticks in low gear after sudden deceleration

    I still figure there is a chance this is Pursuit Mode kicking in? One feature you will hopefully never encounter is Pursuit Mode, which automatically switches the transmission from normal, fuel-saving mode to Pursuit Mode when it detects aggressive driving situations. In Pursuit Mode, "the...
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    Solved Something Helpful I Found While Extending PTU Vent

    Do you by chance have any pictures you can share?
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    New PIU already

    I did mine a while ago for my 14, but it was a simple Forscan update to add remote start.
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    Good deal?

    I had an EVAP code and when I replaced the canister purge valve, it fixed the code.
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    Steel Wheel Hubcap Interchangeable?

    The only black part for the PIU steelies is the black steel wheels themselves. The only difference is what sits on top of the steel wheels to cover the lug nuts. Your options are either the gray plastic full size wheel cover/hubcaps, or the small silver metallic center caps (which will provide...
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    Driver side rear door won’t open.

    I'm sorry it was that much of a hassle.
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    Center Console for Ford Explorer Police Interceptor

    Do you by chance happen to have the trim piece on the bottom with the 4 plastic brackets that the shifter insert plugs into? (I think it is also attached to the cup holder brackets).
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    Code Help: P0138 and P144a at same time?

    I've heard horror stories about getting the transmission fluid flushed and the transmission needing to be replaced after. Just do a few drain and fills yourself. There's a super easy drain plug to get to under the FPIU that you don't even need to jack the car up to access.
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    Code Help: P0138 and P144a at same time?

    As unrelated as it sounds, try changing your transmission fluid. This has been a common solution to RPM fluttering in the past where departments haven't changed the transmission fluid.
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    Has your retired police car ever been targeted?

    I have never had anything happen to mine in the 3.5 years that I've owned it, but I intentionally do not drive or park in certain areas out of concern that something might happen to my FPIU in terms of being vandalized. If I have a choice and am going to a city with someone, I ask to drive their...
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    2013 PIU 3.7L PTU fluid change questions

    How did you get to the vent? That's the intimidating part.
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    2013 PIU 3.7L PTU fluid change questions

    I imagine they are set up similarly and the dealership was trying to take the lazy way out. I already have new plugs and a pcv after buying, but the changing the PTU fluid has sounded like such a difficult job it has intimidated me from even trying.
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    2013 PIU 3.7L PTU fluid change questions

    Haha 😂 I went to the only Ford dealership near me that said they would be willing to change the fluid, but the showed me they can't get to the vent and it would take removing cat 1 to get to it (at least 6 hours of labor) and advised me against it.
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    2013 PIU Distance To Empty (DTE) Incorrect

    I would love to coordinate doing it with you and meeting up! My DTE has been messed up since editing in Forscan (originally the full tank showed 100 mi to empty with my initial edits, and ever since reverting it back, it shows 400 mi to empty and even at 1/4 tank it still shows 150 mi, but the...
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    2013 PIU 3.7L PTU fluid change questions

    This post was moved from another thread so the quote won't apply here. I would love to coordinate doing it with you and meeting up! And if we meet up, we can maybe discuss how to actually get to the vent for changing PTU fluid. 😂
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    2013 PIU Distance To Empty (DTE) Incorrect

    Is there a solution to this that does not involve IDS?
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    Adding "missing" optional modules

    Please let me know what you find out, I'm interested!
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    Adding "missing" optional modules

    Do you mean the coronavirus bake away feature I've seen in some articles that MY13 and up PIUs can be programmed with at the dealer?
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    Ford 16N01 Liftgate Lock Cylinder Paint

    Just keep in mind wherever you go, no repair location will warranty the work due to the high probability of rust reoccurring. In that case, I'd say it's cheaper to do it yourself than pay to get it done. My quote for getting it done with matching paint was $500. Look at lines 3-5.
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    Power steering hard while cold.

    I know the FPIUs have electric power steering. I'm not sure if needing to replace the battery soon could cause this issue, but it might not hurt to try and get a new one, considering you need one anyways. Either way, a $100ish (depending on the battery you buy) battery is a lot cheaper than a...
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    Ford 16N01 Liftgate Lock Cylinder Paint

    As I was not the original owner and my car had a 2 tone blue (Nashua NH PD) with Dark Blue Metallic DX painted over the factory Ice Blue Metallic LS factory paint, my Ford dealer refused to do the recall. To date, I have had to remove the rust by grinding/using filler/priming/painting two times...
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    Adding "missing" optional modules

    I also messed up my DTE fuel economy when I tried to adjust the settings and a full tank showed 100mi. I backtracked and redid my settings in Forscan. But as my gas mileage was ~21mpg on the trip computer by then, with a full tank of gas my DTE now shows between 390 and 400 mi until empty. Did...