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    My bumper guard project

    looks good man, what color are you painting it? I vote a matte black
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    Rear bumper

    looks great, pretty much the same thing i'm doing with my rear bumper right now except i'm using 1/2" 4x4 square tubing rather than round tubing. Where did you get your d-ring mounts and how much?
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    Post your Gamertag/PSN/Wii Code/Anything else!

    Hey, Didn't see this on the if you want to join others and play some games post your addys here so we can befreind on another! Heres mine Xbox GT: puLawman PSN: pulawman Wii: not even hooked up :P Diablo II/LOD: puLawman Currently playing: Xbox 360: nothing PSN: MGS4...
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    Should I keep it?

    You should do what you truly want, but explorers are great all purpose vehicles. For around $200 you could have plenty of lift to fit 33" tires ($150 for bl and $50 for shackle/tt). 5.0 are great motors...I have one in my mustang with a 166,000 miles and love it. Very tunable motor. Just...
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    HHO: Is it alchemy? Or will it improve gas mileage on a ’99 4.0 SOHC Explorer?

    for one, my comment was to aldive.... you obviously didn't read my post or I didn't post it clearly. I said that you had a logical reason for not showing results b/c you hadn't built yours I don't understand why your getting worked up over this. To Rocket.... Look man, I know...
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    HHO: Is it alchemy? Or will it improve gas mileage on a ’99 4.0 SOHC Explorer?

    ok, thanks for sharing your results ..... like I was saying ... oh wait you don't care to hear what I or others think... Ok, thanks for listening :p:
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    HHO: Is it alchemy? Or will it improve gas mileage on a ’99 4.0 SOHC Explorer?

    I don't have data or results... can you figure out why yet? All I was stating is that people were bickering (not in a bad way) back and forth and it really isn't proving anything. You want me to be the first to go, build a kit, install it and run it and then finally come back here with...
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    HHO: Is it alchemy? Or will it improve gas mileage on a ’99 4.0 SOHC Explorer?

    So yeah, not to deter from all the enticing mathematics and theoretical talk.... but can anybody back up anything they are talking about? I mean some actual results would be nice to see here? These things take like 1/2 hr to an hour max to install, so are you guys installing and waiting for...
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    Let's Talk 2nd Gen. Front Bumper Area Wants?

    dude where is this bumper? You have it listed on your page under the custom bumpers... you should just put these into production asap!
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    93 sport on 35's

    Wow, love all three of your rides you've had. Really enjoy the white sport and the bII.
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    Better Fuel Economy

    Welcome! Welcome aboard! Not to deter from this site, but check out for diff techniques on hypermilling.
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    Australian 1998 XLT 3" BL on 33's

    looks real clean man. great work!
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    RCD 5" coilover kit

    not totally for sure, but If I remember right, the 8.8 measures out to something like 3.25" in diameter. So, a spring perch from an axle of much larger or smaller size (i.e. d60 and such) prob wont fit. You also need to get a perch wide enough to fit your springs, so make sure you know the...
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    Body lift question

    search for bumper brackets on here. Mine is made of 1/4" plates, which is strong enough to hold my 280lb ass up. You would never want to tow with your bumper though. Plus, go do yourself a favor and get a highlift. It made my life a lot easier when I did mine!
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    ARB locker for Dana 35 link to ARB's app list. page 4 Fords (6 of 12). Looks like they do no offer one for our d35 ifs. Be very nice for us that use our ex's as DD's and be able to have a selectable locker, but $800+ ... man oh man. I guess it would justify a little bit...
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    show off your LIFTED truck - photo thread

    right, didn't see you had quoted him...
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    show off your LIFTED truck - photo thread

    jiga, your bII looks hella good with that paint scheme.
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    My Ex's flex (56k warning, lots of pics)

    whats so wrong with the thornies man? I'd take over my tires lol. Truck looks hella nice by the way. Good luck with the sas
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    Making a tube bumper...

    thanks man, that looks sweet! cgriffen, I love that bumper as well. I might start on mine in a couple of weeks.
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    Jba Or Dynomax

    headers, mufflers, what? If your talking headers, i've heard dynomax on a 350 and it sounded good. I have bbk on my 302 and they sound good. Just depends on what your talking about.
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    Removing plastic bumper piece

    I took mine off when I did my body lift. I didn't feel like putting it back on, so I left it off. Check out of rig registry if you want some pics. I think it looks decent. I've seen a few stock exploders up here @ Purdue like that as well.
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    Making a tube bumper...

    IZ, something simple like yours is what i'm shootin for. I would really love to build a winch mount in to it as well. Do you have any closeup pics of your bumper? or a link on here?
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    Making a tube bumper...

    howdy y'all, I'm wanting to make me some tube bumpers. I'm looking for something simple, kinda like the smittybuilt src like boominX put on his mounty. Lets just say i'll prob stick with the front for now. How much tubing would I need to build a front bumper? I was thinking possibly...
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    show off your LIFTED truck - photo thread

    $3,000 + on avg most people figure in 3-5k
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    Show off your LIFTED 2nd GEN

    thats all one trail. "WHITE" It can be accessed through the queries