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    '98 4wd SOHC. Had 3-22-10 TSB peformed by Ford for $425...

    *Update* 136,000 miles and still doing fine. I even tow a light camper with it with no ill effects. Fianlly fixed the power antennae, a broken rear door lever, and a power lock actuator that came loose in the door. Other than the typical minor stuff, a decent vehicle. I still wished I would...
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    Loaded and ready...

    Been gone awhile withother hobbies, but found my way back. Thought I'd post a photo of us doing our camping thing with our Explorer. There's also a loaded bike rack you can't see behind the camper. The Ex totes it with no complaints other than getting a bit thirsty. It's our main vehicle, so...
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    Loud crack when turning in 4wd low

    You can also engage 4wd on wet pavement, though I wouldn't do it for long. Just never on dry pavement.
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    Loud crack when turning in 4wd low

    Mine does that too. Still works fine. Just scares you the first time it pops, then you get used to it. 4WD for dirt only, never on pavement.
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    First Explorer! Was This A Wise Investment???

    The motorcraft oil is a synthetic blend and the motorcraft oil filter has been tested to be one of the better oil filters out there. Full synthetic is good if your not to budget conscious. I like the best value for my money, so my vehicles go to teh Ford dealer for the oil changes. My dealer...
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    Custom Sleath Box

    Got a pic of the box? Does the sub hit the panel on full extension? Looks good. Is that a 10"?
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    replacement power antennae mast and blown sub

    I'm more interested in how you put a 10" sub in the factory box. Did you replace the factory sub with the 8" Pioneer then move up to a 10"?
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    replacement power antennae mast and blown sub

    My power antennae quit in the up position. Anyone ever replace just the mast and not the whole assembly? Also my sub on my Mach audio system has blown aprt. What aftermarket sub is available as a direct repalcement? I don't want to replace the amp and box, just the blown subwoofer.
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    '98 4wd SOHC. Had 3-22-10 TSB peformed by Ford for $425...

    Now on to find out what the intemittent check engine light it and to find a replacement for the deteriated factory sub, and to repair the power antennae theat stopped working. I like the truck, worlds better than the Blazer I used to drive, but I don't like paying to fix desgin flaws. Several...
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    '98 4wd SOHC. Had 3-22-10 TSB peformed by Ford for $425...

    Wife just picked up the truck and said it shifts perfect. She drove it around for a few hours and never could get it to flare. DEFINTELY REPLACE THE EPC SOLENOID WHEN DOING THE TSB! BTW- Ford still didn't adjust the bands as it was not listed on the receipt. Only that they replaced the...
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    '98 4wd SOHC. Had 3-22-10 TSB peformed by Ford for $425...

    update: They said i need a new valve body at $600 for a total of $1100 with the $425 i already paid. I told them no way, just replace the EPC solenoid. The Ford retail for the EPC is $143. ouch! i hope this fixes it. I also told them to adjust the bands since the intermediate band may be a bit...
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    What trannies did the 2002 and up Explorers and Mountaineers have?

    Whichever option combo doesn't have the 5R55e. Looking for something with a little more strength to tow a light camper as well as haul the family. What do the 06's have? I 've heard mention of them also having 5 spd autos. I can't imagine the 5R55e holding 300 Hp.
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    What trannies did the 2002 and up Explorers and Mountaineers have?

    So, no 2002+ explorer or mounty has the 4R70W or equivelant?
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    What trannies did the 2002 and up Explorers and Mountaineers have?

    What trannies did the 2002 and up Explorers and Mountaineers have? I'm not impressed with the 5R55e in my '98 EB 4X4 and if I had known, would have bought a V8 Ex just to get the 4R70W. I may be looking to trade for a 2002 or so Mountaineer. What other issues are the 2002 up EXs and...
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    2006 X 4.6L 3V, anyone?

    I've never heard this and I'm very familiar with the 4.6 SOHC. I've had my '97 Bird for 133,000 miles and still going strong. The main problem with the pre-2002 4.6 is the composite intake cracking and leaking coolant. Never heard of any problems of spun bearings. i know of many Birds with over...
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    '98 4wd SOHC. Had 3-22-10 TSB peformed by Ford for $425...

    It's the proper term for a slip. Mine flares at the 2-3 shift which means when shifting from 2nd to 3rd, the RPM rise, almost as if in neutral, and 3rd gear sometimes engages itself, and other times only engages when I let off the throttle.
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    '98 4wd SOHC. Had 3-22-10 TSB peformed by Ford for $425...

    I took it back and they gave my wife a '05 Focus to drive. i also suggested they adjust the bands and check the 99-16-10 TSB to see if it may apply to my truck since it was built mid-1998. That TSB also describes the same symptoms as the 3-22-10 TSB regarding missed shifts and flares. Hopefully...
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    '98 4wd SOHC. Had 3-22-10 TSB peformed by Ford for $425...

    Still have a 2-3 shift flare, though not as bad as before. How involved is it to replace the EPc solenolid? Does the valve blody have to come out? Also wondering if the TPS could cause light shifts and flares. Probably going to take it back to them since it is still flaring at...
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    How to: 5R55E Valve Body Rebuild Diary

    Update: Dealer just finished installing the 3-22-10 TSB. $425 because I have 4WD? Parts were plate, boost valve, filter and fluid.The rest was labor. If you have the time and skills, save some money and do it yourself. Me, I didn't have enough time and we have a roadtrip to Indiana coming up.
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    How to: 5R55E Valve Body Rebuild Diary

    I was quoted around $300 by my local Ford dealer for the 3-22-10 tsb. Sounds like a fair price by comparison. It also comes with a 12/12k warranty. Thanks for taking the time to explain all 3 options. You made it much clearer to me. Sounds like something I could do myself if I had a lift, 4...
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    Installing towing wiring...

    search for "thunderb" and one of my posts listing the part # of the 4 flat pigtail should come up. It was only about $12 and plugged right into the plug under my rear bumper. No need to cut wires. edit: Here's the link...
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    1998 EB with Mach audio. Is the sub dual or single voice coil?

    Sub is blown on the wife's 1998 EB 4 door. I see that i can use an 8" replacement sub. Infinity Kappa and JL 8W0 have been recommended in the past, but are now hard to find. May look int RF, MTX, or whatever else has a high sensitivity for the low wattage stock amp. Is the factory sub a dual...
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    delayed 2-3 shift in 1998 4.0 SOHC auto

    Drove my wifes explorer the other day and noticed some problems with the tranny seem to be gettig more frequent. I get the delayed 2-3 shift. It seems like the tranny slips and the engine revs up between the 2-3. My tranny also shifts very softly, yet sometimes, on rare occasions will shift...
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    spark plugs

    Ford had to redesign their Motorcraft plugs for this very problem on the 5.4 F150s. Especially the lightnings. The plugs wigggle loose and eat the threads off the heads. Not too good. I run the redesigned Ford Lightning plug in my chipped TBird to prevent this.
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    clamping versus welding exhaust

    Get some band clamps. A little more expensive, but a much better seal. Plus you can easily replace the muffler later if you want. Band clamps don't crimp the pipe. B