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    should I rebuild my transfer case or have it done?

    So my transfer case is blown and the shop told me it was going to cost 2200 bucks to fix..Hmmm I fell im a pretty good wrench.. althought im not going to attempt a motor or transmission overall.. my coworkers have expressed that i should be able to rebuilt my transfer case with success...
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    sport trac transfer case noice then nothing.

    Today when driving my car made a weird noice, going down hill the tranny seemed like it lost all gears.. so we stopped at the light and the car didnt want to go anywhere, even in drive. when I put the car in park I herd some plastic sounds. still not working.. when I turned on the 4wd drive...
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    tranny noise

    My truck started to make a funny winey noice when going down hill, and when I hit the gas it goes away.. what do you think it is?. The motor runs good but maybe fan cluck or transmission pump.
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    All you need to know about keyless entry

    :thumbsup: Sweet ! thank you very much!! this forum Rocks