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    8.8 IFS into an Explorer.....lets discuss this.

    What do the newer F-150s use for a front diff? I thought they use a 8.8, would it lend itself to easier use then the rear irs 8.8?
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    Steering Shaft Knuckle boot

    Mine has had a torn boot for a few years, looks just like the pic above, and other than an occasional rock getting in there, it hasn’t caused any issues.
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    Tow points???

    I use and would highly recommend a front reciever with a Warn reciever D ring as a tow point. It does fit with a stock bumper, at least it did on my '96. I have been wheeling this setup hard for 5 years and never had an issue. I'm currently looking to sell my front reciever as well as I'l...
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    Torsion Bar Broken

    This rig has been a trailered, trail only, rig for the last 5 years. It maybe saw up to 20 miles on the pavement at any one time. Our trip to Canada was 30+ miles on the way to the trails and 60 miles back (the street driving suuuucked!). We were headed northwest from Goulias River on Highway...
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    8.8 IFS into an Explorer.....lets discuss this.

    I like the idea of finding a stronger option, 1/2-1 ton '87+ GM trucks come to mind. But what locker/gear choices do you want that aren't readily available? The D35 IFS is essentially the same rear end as the D35 in 94 and newer Jeeps (yj, xj, tj, etc). You can get gears from 3.27 up to...
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    explorer sport pics

    Here's a few from my recent Canadian Bush adventure! Fot those who are interested, all the pics from last weekend can be found here:
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    Building A Brush Guard/Bull Bar?

    I posted pics of the one I made in this thread:
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    Torsion Bar Broken

    I made it with the help of a good friend. It might be for sale soon to finance a new build. No **** right! Here's a link to lots of pictures from the weekend. I believe the ones from my rig start on page 3, but I still have about 50 more to upload...
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    Torsion Bar Broken

    I might find a junkyard bar, but she's pretty beat. I'll probably buy a V8 explorer and swap what's good over to that. I'll post a link with pictures of the beatdown that was given prior to the failure, it was my favorite wheeling trip to date, also one of the most difficult.
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    Torsion Bar Broken

    So around 3am I heard a loud gunshot that woke me up, looked out my front window and didn't see anything. I waited at the window for a few minutes, I didn't see anyone else's lights come on, nor did I hear any approaching police cars, so I went back to bed. Then I went to leave for work...
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    Powertrax no-slip 92-0435-2702

    keep looking, it lists the front as well. do a search in the catalog for the p/n's I listed...
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    Powertrax no-slip 92-0435-2702

    The power trax and lock right are both no spin, but the powertrax is supposed to be smother and quieter. I have never heard my locker while driving, EVER. I have noticed it on a hoist when I giveone wheel a spin. But then again on my explorer I run aggressive tires, loud exhaust, broken...
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    Front turn signal/parking ass'y: How remove?
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    Powertrax no-slip 92-0435-2702

    I'm not sure about the powertrax, but you can still get the Lock Right 2311-LR The lock right is also $100 less than the powertrax Here's a link to their catalog, it shows a p/n 92-0435-2706 for the powertrax
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    2000 Sport Muffler

    FYI, in case you aren't familiar with the 40 series flowmaster, they are not know for being quiet :D, hence my disappointment.
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    Engine dies driving down the Highway

    I had this same issue in my '96 4L. Also no codes. The engine would idle, but wouldn't respond to throttle, until it hit WOT, but didn't have enough torque to drive. Turned out to be the airfilter fell apart and the pieces were all lodged against the MAF. Cleaned it all out and replaced...
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    2000 Sport Muffler

    I have a 40 series flowmaster on mine. I personally was disappointed with how quiet it is. It rumbles a bit on the outside, but it's very quiet on the inside.
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    2000 sport 2wd thinking of converting to 4wd

    I agree with just buying a 4x4 explorer, but... For the T-case, I would pick up a manual shift BW1354 (assuming its a V6). That way wiring will not be an issue for the electric shift case. There are plenty of Explorers in the junk yards to source the necessary parts. Find a front...
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    Looking for 2 gen front bumpers.

    I ran without a bumper for 4 or 5 years. I made a custom winch mount out of the generic Harbor Freight Jeep mount. The custom carrier plate is bolted with 4x 1/2 grade 8 bolts, the same bolts that hold the front reciever in place. I originally designed the carrier to house the winch behind...
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    Torsion twist query(have searched already)

    I bought longer bolts from fastenal, but I can't remember the length, maybe 100mm???
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    explorer sport pics

    I know the
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    Passenger window will not go up.

    I got the door panel off. Seems the door damage may have cause a clearance issue between the harness and the glass. I there a good way to force the window up?
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    Passenger window will not go up.

    So I do have some damage to the pass door (see pic below), but it was originally damaged last October, and has worked fine ever since. I parked my truck in the garage witht the windows down for a few weeks, when I went to roll them up, the drivers works fine, and nothing from the pass window...
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    Photos Lets see those 2nd Gen EX/Mounty

    This is a BADASS picture!
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    95 explorer on 35s Help!!!

    anyone running 35s WITHOUT the body lift? I currently have a TT/ Shackle, minor/major fender triming is no problem. Currently weighing decision between 35s and 33s. My rig is a dedicated trail rig, and wheeled hard! Currently 4.10 gearing, with no plans to change.