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    won't start when wet

    when it's wet something is grounding out. The hard part is finding what is grounding out.
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    won't start when wet

    Check the spark plug wires.
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    3.0 to 4.0 swap

    And for a heads up... the tranny's have a different bolt pattern. You can find alot of info on these swaps on or
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    Awesome Mods to 93'splash?

    Start with the intake and exhaust. Then move to maybe an underdrive pulley, a chip, and maybe an electric fan. All of those are easy bolt on mods that all compliment each other.
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    just got my cd repair manual

    I bought one of those CD's for my truck. It rules when your lookin for indepth diagrams. Also mine came with data on all light trucks for 93-94. So it works for my ranger and my dad's X. It's like gettin 2 for one.
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    3.0V won't idle or run for long?

    You could also try cleaning the maf sensor with contact cleaner. Just spray it, let it dry, then plug it in and see what happens.