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    So, What's Your Favorite-Latest Mod?

    HID.s, that is my favorite mod, though it's only that and a drop in k&N filter.
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    seafoam, Does it work?

    Wow 800k, I have a little over 125k and mine drives perfect. I got it with a blown trans about a yr ago. That and some maintenance is all that was needed. When I got mine it had a bad idle and would die often about 2-3 times a day. My friend works for ford and told me it was common to have the...
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    Stock to now 01 sport

    Looks like you've been having fun.
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    upper intake/ upper engine questions

    Yes it's still there, it's supposed to be some kind of teflon coating that helps keep it from sticking and seal well. There is a special throtle cleaner for fords because of that. I meant to just clean the intake figuring you had the throtle body off the intake already.
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    upper intake/ upper engine questions

    I'd clean it up as best as possible too. Pour a bunch of carb cleaner into to ports of the intake and lean it over to where it will puddle inside and not pour out. Let it penetrate around those corners that will be hard to get. Do that a few times letting it sit a few minutes at a time. Get a...
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    upper intake/ upper engine questions

    Carbon build up is very normal, I always see that when I open up any motor. It's from the PCV into the intake. The coolant is another issue, is it a white chalky residue or is it wet with coolant?
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    Cargo Cover

    I never thought about it but I should get one of these. There are more than a few on ebay, from $10-100.