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    major problems with aftermarket stereo install

    It sounds like a problem with your wiring. Check to make sure your 2 power wires and the ground are in the right you have a test light?
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    Air Ride on a 00 AWD?

    I'm sure what I'm after the axles wont bind, I've driven it with the tortion adjuster bolts out and had no problems. I'd just like to be able to get a little lift back out of it to get back up close to stock height when I drive. Like I said nothing major, and at complete lowered height I dont...
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    Air Ride on a 00 AWD?

    I would only like max drop to be what my truck sits with lowered tortion keys and no bolts in them and then i would be happy with 2-3 inches of lift from there, just so its tall enough I can drive.
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    Air Ride on a 00 AWD?

    I have been looking through pictures of explorers with air ride, which there arent many of, and noticed all of them were 2wd and all of them were very low. Is it possible to put air ride on a 00 AWD explorer and keep the awd? I don't want a bunch of height adjustment, more just like a couple...
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    Rattling Windows - drive and passenger

    No problem at all guys, I'm glad to help. I'm also having a problem with the passenger door not unlocking, I'll take pictures of the door panel removal on that side also and hopefully they will turn out more clear.
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    Rattling Windows - drive and passenger

    Ok, here are the pictures of the door panel removal. I'm sorry the quality wasn't the greatest, I did this mid day and had A LOT going on today and didn't realize my camera was on the wrong setting until it was pretty much too late. I'll try to take better ones tomorrow when I remove the...
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    What kind of oil do you use?

    I do A LOT of highway driving and I normally use motorcraft 5W30 and a motorcraft filter and change them at 4k. I have always done this in the fords I've owned, Except my 01 Turbo Diesel and I would use rotella T and a motorcraft filter and change at about 15k miles when I had it, mostly waited...
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    Rattling Windows - drive and passenger

    Ok guys, I've pulled mine apart and found that my door lock rods connecting to the outside door lock and door lock actuator were damaged and hitting the glass. I tried bending them but was fairly unsuccessful. I am going to buy new door lock rods and see if that will fix the problem. I probably...
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    Rattling Windows - drive and passenger

    I don't know for sure I'll have time tonight, I'll do my best, but for sure by tomorrow. The noise I hear sounds like glass hitting metal, is that how yours also sounds? I believe its an easy fix but I need to take mine apart to be sure.
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    Rattling Windows - drive and passenger

    I'm having the same problem on my 2000 X, If you'd like I can take some pictures of the door panel removal and repair. I've been planning to fix it for awhile now, I've just been lazy I guess you'd say.
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    Street Style Explorer

    Here is mine
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    Will I need an alignment after lowering blocks?

    You are right. The rear is a solid axle and wont have any sort of Camber/Caster adjustment. You would only need an alignment after lowering your front.
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    Post the pics of your wheels here!!! STREET TRUCKS!!!

    Here are mine. I have no clue on the brand, 22x9.5 with 265/35/22 tires. Sorry for the crappy picture, I'll have new ones tomorrow. I got antsy, what can I say, its my first day with new wheels. :D
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    00 AWD v8 shudder at low rpms

    Marshall, MO is in Mid Missouri, about an hour east of KC. How do I drain the converter completely? I've got a filter kit I can put in tomorrow. I normally use valvoline products in my truck, will their mercron V work or is there a different brand that would work better?
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    00 AWD v8 shudder at low rpms

    So pretty much since its the converter, even though some days it seems worse than others, its probably not going to completely fail and leave me stranded anytime soon is it?
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    00 AWD v8 shudder at low rpms

    I have a 2000 V8 AWD explorer and at low rpms, normally only noticeable in 3rd and 4th gear when you put a load on the transmission( like going up a hill) at anywhere from 40-70 mph it shudders. If you just accelerate more and make it downshift it seems fine. It isn't horrible, but It can be...
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    22" wheels on 2nd gen questions

    And I'm sorry, it is a Dodge Magnum, not a chrysler 300M. Does anyone have any ideas? I believe the bolt pattern to work but am worried about the offset and back spacing.
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    22" wheels on 2nd gen questions

    I am look at buying some used 22 inch wheels with new 265/35/22 tires, they are off a Chrysler 300 and are said to have been 5x4.5 and 5x4.75 pattern with 6 inches of backspacing. Will these wheels fit my 2000 AWD Eddie Bauer? I know the tires will be slightly smaller but I can get a great deal...
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    All Tire Rack questions answered here

    What is the cheapest set of 22" tires that would be just bigger than the factory 255/70/16s i have? Nothing special, just something that would work. Thanks, Aaron
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    did i buy the wrong motor? (sohc vs. ohv)

    If you are positive it is a 4.0 then you should be able to strip the new motor to heads and block and put the old parts on the new motor including wiring/complete intake/exhaust/ and you might even have to swap out the oil pan also but I'm not positive on that one.
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    MyDe-Chromeification begins

    I'm nearly positive that piece just bolts on there. You should be able to take it off and it should still be painted underneath. Color might be a little different since its never seen sun though:thumbsup:
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    did i buy the wrong motor? (sohc vs. ohv)

    Swap intake, and wiring and you should be good to go.
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    4GA Power Wire in 00 Ex?

    I was just wondering, I had a 95 explorer Eddiebauer with the V6 and now I've got a 2000 Eddie Bauer V8. In my 6cyl there was a hole with a rubber grommet that I could cut to make work with the power cable, on my newer truck I cant find one. Do you have to drill a new hole in the newer truck...
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    Nice buy on Ebay...

    That is the most riced out explorer Ive ever seen. Spray painted dash, check. fender cutouts, check. body kit, check. cheap stereo equipment, check....Sounds like this guy shoulda bought a honda. If he believes someone with brains will believe he has 20k in that he is insane.
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    95 explorer transmission problems

    I could handle the cost of these parts, I'm just hoping its not my transmission.