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    86EXPLORER86's 04 Explorer

    any pics of how u got that mud on it?
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    Off Road Lamp install & Questions - PICS - Attn: 57Tbird

    clean install! i just got done doing the same thing but with 2 hella 500's. i just ran my power wire for the switch to the battery and it works but now its causing the alternater to overload b/c i got a 1,200 watt amp too. Any way, i need to run it to the fuse box but am not really sure how. i...
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    Good place to mount switches?

    i mounted my switch right under the parking break release lever
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    Road Bully Lift REVIEW!!

    Thank you. Hope it works out for ya.
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    Single Sub Wiring

    you need to find out how many ohms that sub is before you start looking into amps. you can find lots of wiring diagrams for this. it really isnt that easy and a quality install by a shop is worth the money imho. has a forum that could help you out alot more;)
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    2002+ Offroading Photos Wanted

    wow, thats about the most mud i have seen a 3rd gen in. Nice work!
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    Road Bully Lift REVIEW!!

    but the customers who were having trouble with the quick lift called racho and got a refund. its business.
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    Road Bully Lift REVIEW!!

    i tried to PM Road Bully but he would not respond. Plus I think everyone needs to see this.
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    Road Bully Lift REVIEW!!

    well i understand where you guys are coming from. Unfortunately all i am going to get from RB is an apology. I am just angry because none of this was told to me before I bought my spacers and now he writes this and said I should of known. I actually think I asked you about your warranty RB and...
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    Road Bully Lift REVIEW!!

    Here is the last line "However, I would have no problem posting this if i do not receive a refund." This is getting rediculous. I am glad this can be viewed publicly by your potential customers. I dont understand why I should not get a refund. Cause I "appoarched it all wrong"? All I am...
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    Road Bully Lift REVIEW!!

    Threats/Blackmail what? I dont want you to pay me to keep quiet you need to pay me because you sold me a product that caused unsafe and harmful things to my ex. Its part of running a company, you need to take responsibility for your product even if you are not a big name brand. In the PM I...
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    Road Bully Lift REVIEW!!

    nice your back. will you please respond to my PM's
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    wiring off road lights help

    I got a pair of hella 500 lights that i tried to install today. I was succesfull until one of the final steps when i needed to tap into the headlight wire to get the "hot" wire to work. (the green wire that attaches to the middle of the switch) where should i attach this and how? Can i just...
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    spacer lift and camber

    mine was toed way in. this is the camber being too negative.
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    spacer lift and camber

    it was obvious on mine. you could see the difference.
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    spacer lift and camber

    with my 05 ford explorer the camber was off and the camber kit was over $300.
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    owner of a good guy explorer

    i noticed most of the lifted x's are 2wd that they sell
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    2K5 Eddie Bauer

    thats a little to clean, give it a new coat of mud! no seriously, that looks awsome i love the trim and rims. it will look even better lifted!
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    The "Official" 3rd Gen Lift Registry

    pics? sounds pretty sweet!
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    Ride Quality With Lift Springs

    my ride is alot stiffer w/ the 3in RB spacers
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    Just got my explorer

    i am interested in your question about the roof racks also.???
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    The "Official" 3rd Gen Lift Registry

    300. it took 6 hr
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    The "Official" 3rd Gen Lift Registry

    had a local shop do it. sorry
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    The "Official" 3rd Gen Lift Registry

    finally got my road bully lift in 3in up front 2.25 in the back. Also, took off the running boards. It really is alot higher than it looks on the computer. [/IMG]
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    Show me your Explorer

    im with cozmik, i dont think u will have any problems(besides for at the gas pump) with 285's and a 3in lift. btw i get my 3in rb lift put in monday i am going to stay with the 265's i have on now for the time being.