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    fuel pipe hose connector

    Harbor freight has a set of the fuel line/ac lines seperators for $6. I just got a set and they work great. Just watch a YouTube vid on how to to it first and it's super easy.
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    2010 v6 orifice tube location?

    I found it anyway, so for anyone in the future looking, it's kind of a pita. It's in the line running along the firewall near the accumulator. I had to remove some kind of computer thing to get access to it, and in order to remove that I had to remove the ac lines going to the accumulator as...
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    2010 explore roaring sound

    I have the same sound. 2010 XLT V6 4X4... Internet searches tell me it's not wheel bearings, but no good answer on what it is.... Will be watching to see if you get it resolved....
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    2010 v6 orifice tube location?

    Hey all. I have a 2010 explorer XLT V6 with rear AC. Just replaced the compressor and accumulator, but cannot figure out where the orifice tube is located. I have a Haynes manual, but it seems my 2010 is different, it shows the accumulator up front near the radiator, but mine is back by the...
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    Sway bar link is gone...

    Ok thanks... So I should probably get two and also repkaf
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    Sway bar link is gone...

    So I have had my explorer for around 8 months now. It's a 2010 XLT V6 automatic. So today I parked with my wheels turned sharply to the left and happened to look an notice my frony sway bar, and there is no sway bar link on the driver side... It's not broken, it's gone, upper and lower just...