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    wich fog light bulbs do i have?

    :confused: i guess ima have to take em out and go match em up :(
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    wich fog light bulbs do i have?

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    wich fog light bulbs do i have?

    yeh for some reason my owners manual says i havr a 9145 weird thanks dude
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    wich fog light bulbs do i have?

    so i did a search but i keep finding conflicting information i have a 2000 xlt with those round fogs, i want to replace those bulbs sylvania has my bulbs listed as H1's my owners manual has em listed as something completly different. soooo what bulbs do i need? and where is a good...
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    need some help buying parts!

    yeh i checked those so far i have been able to find everything except bulbs, clear corners, ski rakcs and reverse glo gauges im trying to avoid ebay
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    need some help buying parts!

    well i have learned you guys know just about everything there is out there for our explorers and where to get em so i need some help. im looking for a few things online and not sure where to buy em, hopeing you guys can point me in the right direction. this is for a 2000 xlt here it goes...
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    need wheel suggestions.....

    well im looking to spend under $400 per wheel i have though about doing the chrome cobra r replicas, ive always though those looked nice. do those require a wheel spacer? i like 5 and 6 spoke rims
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    need wheel suggestions.....

    well guys i just cant decide what kind of wheels to get on my black 2000 xlt this truck is my daily driver so i dont wanna do anything outrageous with it. i was thinking 18's or 20's with a decent profile tire on it. i dont want some small rubber band tire nor do i want to screw up the...
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    2 in lift with stock tires....

    how horrible would that look? and with the TT how bad is the ride quality??
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    AC is out in South Texas - please help!

    when was the last recharge? are they all original parts? have you ever messed with it yourself? has the system ever been charged with a blend refridgerant? have you noticed any leaks? or even looked for them? has dye been introduced to the system?
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    Build me a pursuit vehicle (AWD V8)

    the way i would do it.... new stock block/crank dished pistons (kieth black aint bad) trick flow twisted wedge heads trick flor stage 1 cam frickflow pushrods 1.6rr's trickflow intake and then all the lil stuff like ignition,injectors etc.... and maybe a vortech s-trim if ya wanna...
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    Charging problem

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    Brake question!!!!

    i like ceramic
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    Went mudding whats wrong with my x?

    check your ball joints. then check cv's
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    just finished installing subs/amp....

    god that was a headache lol. ive never had this much problems installing stereo stuff in my life. the subs were too large for the holes in the box so i ended up with a jig saw and power sander hehe. i have 2 MTX 8000 10's with an r/t 2 channel 1600w max amp. sounds pretty good :)...
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    where did you guys run your power wire?

    im trying to think of the best places to run the power and RCA's. i dont want them too close together, where did you guys run yours?
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    Do i need an alignment?

    4lo on anything but a slippery surface is a bad idea. it feels all jerky because the front wheels are turning at a diff rate then the back, on dry pavement you can end up with what we call driveline wind-up.
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    Need engine/coolant help!!!

    we call them that here too.
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    Engine making noises

    could be powersteering pump. noise being relative to engine speed could be the pully on the pump.
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    Need engine/coolant help!!!

    those plugs are replacable. although they look like the same size they are all diff sizes on most engines. a specialty tool is required to press them in. my advice is to take it into the shop to have done. have you had the engine rebuilt recently? those plugs are supposed to be replaced...
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    water leak!!!

    awesome, thanks guys =)
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    water leak!!!

    well thats what the body shop told me, that it could be the windshield. so i had it replaced by them. very reputable shop, they do great work. but i still have the leak, wich is why i think its not the windshield, im going to caulk around it anyway i think. it was replaced about a month ago
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    Strange things happening to my X

    mine does the same thing on long road trips, the change in elevation makes the CEL come on it still runs fine, but the light is annoying when driving at night hehe. as soon as i got home it went off and never came back on. i think it was just homesick
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    water leak!!!

    yeh its wierd because it only leaks after its been sitting still in the rain for 2+ hours. like its puddleing up somewhere then overflowing into the roof. my plan for when it stops raining here is to get some clear silicon caulk and hit all the seams on the roof racks and any areas around...
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    pin stripes???

    looks great, i gotta do it when the weather gets nicer :)