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  1. J

    Explorer EV Coming

    And likely lack of interest.
  2. J

    Explorer EV Coming

    You are right. The amount of mining required for the copper, lithium and other precious metals is resulting in environmentalists complaining also.
  3. J

    2018 Explorer Steering Wheel and interior falling apart.

    I have a 2018 Explorer. There is a recall for the hood paint bubbling providing a replacement hood. Recommend you contact a dealer to replace.
  4. J

    Does this sound like a wheel bearing going out?

    I have 2005 Explorer with 238K miles which needs new rear bearings. The fronts have been replaced twice already and time for the rears. Thanks for the rebate tip. The rebate expires March 31, 2021, so I am ordering this weekend to get the rebate and will install this summer.
  5. J

    Blend door or vacuum line?

    Have the same problem. The end of the door arm broke off . Drilled a hole through the stub of the arm and threaded a zip tie through. For best results, thread the zip tie through the plastic arm first and push it almost all the way through. Then, use a needle nose pliers and pull the threaded...