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    Driver side exhaust manifold v8

    I just did this job a few weeks ago. If it is the 2 closest to the firewall you will have enough room to extract them. I used a Quickcenter tool to keep the bit centered and used a left hand bit. Go very slow and then use a easy out and work it slowly back and forth to avoid breaking off the...
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    08 4.6l exhaust manifold leak, snapped bolts

    I worked on the left side manifold this weekend. It was ticking. The 2 front bolts snapped off below the head. The manifold warped and it was very noticable on a flat surface. I removed the shock so I could drill a hole in the tower to drill out the stud. I installed the manifold and used a...
  3. R & use code 100191138245537 in the "where did you hear about us" box and get 5% off with no limit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 use this link : and get $35 off an order of $85 or more. That is a discount of...
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    Front Wheel Bearings and Discount codes

    I just finish an easy job of replacing the front wheel bearings on my 07 V8 XLT 2WD. It has 90k and they were humming over 40mph. I got a great deal at Timken made in the USA HA590156 for $173.79 ea + $8.44 shipping. If you enter 100191138245537 in the "how did you hear about...
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    06-07 V8 Spark Plug Issue - Change Them Early?

    Tom, I have the tool and I sent you a private message. Ross
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    Help With Transmission Cooler Lines

    When you use the tool you will have to pull very hard. I got mine at Oreilly auto parts for under $10. Push in the tool and yank on the line with all your might.
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    New tires?

    I am on my 2nd set of Toyo Open Country HT tires and they are fantastic. Low noise, high mileage(50,000+). I was a Toyo tire dealer and put them on my 07 @ on my way back from the dealership. I don't sell tires anymore but I would go with Toyo on all my vehicles. Less expensive than Michelin...
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    2007 V8 radiator

    The radiator was $188 plus tax and free ship from Advance Auto. Lifetime warranty.
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    2007 V8 radiator

    I just finished the radiator installation on my 07 Ex XLT V8 86K. I hardest part is removing the trans lines in the radiator. I found the Lisle tool 39960 at Oreilly Auto for $10. Once the tool is inserted you have to pull very hard to get the line out. Also, pulling out the...
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    2007 explorer v8

    Thanks, let us know if the reflash works. I changed my plugs yesterday and the radiator is today.
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    06-07 V8 Spark Plug Issue - Change Them Early?

    I just changed my spark plugs on my 07 Ex XLT 4.6L . I was 7 for 7 without breaking them and the last one broke. I followed the TSB and I guess i got lucky. At 85k the electrode was preaty worn down. I went with autolite replacements. The Lisle tool did it's job well and I guess I will try...
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    New struts

    I used them on my 1999 ford escort. The bigest benefit is time savings and all the parts are new ie spring, strut, and bearing. It is the best way to go
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    2007 explorer v8

    My 2007 V8 has the same problem. The very common bump feeling when coming to a stop was fixed back in 08 with a reflash with the new software. The slippage problem only started at about 70,000 (85,000 now). I had the trans fluid changed and it did not make a difference. It also does not...
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    08 4.6l exhaust manifold leak, snapped bolts

    Repair through the wheel well is almost impossible. I was unable to extract one on the end of the minifold.. I just left it off and put in a new gasket and my ticking sound has been gone for 6 months.
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    2006 explorer radiator

    2007 v8 My 2007 Explorer V8 is a leaker at 80,000. The leak is on the driver's side edge and leaks down to the lower support. Advance Auto has a lifetime radiator for $240 - $50 for code "visa" and free shipping.
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    V8 Exhaust Gasket Leak

    I changed the right side gasket on my 2007 a few months back. I had a ticking sound that sounded like a bad lifter. I think the key to not break the studs is to heat the nut with a torch. Before I even started I found a broken stud. I broke off an extractor and could not get clearence to...