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    Factory Nav Unlock

    I did this earlier and got it to work, but has anybody else not been able to get the "Sensor Information" to work properly? It pulls up fine, but most of the gauges don't work at all. For me, I get nothing from Voltage, Acceleration, Slope Angle, and the clock is off. Wasn't sure if it's just...
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    Wheel Width

    18x7.5 Is that wide enough to support the 265/60/18 I'm looking at? I was thinking an 8" wide would be ideal but 7.5 should work w/o issue.
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    Wheel Width

    Cool. Didn't know they put that on there. Thanks.
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    Wheel Width

    I've been looking to get some new tires on my Merc lately, original size is 235/65/18. I was looking to go to a 265/60/18 but I'm not sure how this will go on the stock wheels. Does anybody know the stock wheel width? I can't seem to find that info anywhere on the web. They are listed as 18"...
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    Roadbully Offroad Leveling Kit

    Anybody on here have one of his kits? I am in need of tires soon so i thought now would be a good time to lift it a little. Just had some questions as far as quality of the product and cost. And install difficulty. Anybody with some info?
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    Suspension question

    That was my guess also, but seems like such a simple task when it probably opens up your market by 30% on a lot of those products...
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    Suspension question

    Is the suspension the same on the Explorer and the Mountaineer? I have been looking for some parts and every site I've been on when I put in the Merc as my vehicle no parts come up. Put in the Ex and a whole bunch do. Do these sites just not have the parts cross referenced correctly or is...
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    Capless Fuel Adapter

    Just a normal funnel should work though. I've used "the official Ford one" a couple times but don't see anything about it that makes it better than any other old funnel...
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    Whats your mpgs and what do I look for?

    my 08 v6 gets around 18.5 with mixed driving in the summer, another 1-1.5 in the winter. my computer says higher than that but it's never quite right.
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    Need Help Replacing Brakes (rotors & pads)

    i've done pads and rotors on a couple of mine and a friend's cars, no major deal. if you have some general tool knowledge you'll be fine. if i remember correctly, i just used some basic sockets/rachets and a c-clamp...
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    Memory seat feature

    interesting. my lincoln LS did, my mom;s navigator does, and my brothers mark lt does. not a huge deal i guess. they did end up getting everything fixed on it, took 3 days...
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    Tire Size...

    ok guys... Example tire size: 265/75/16 the 265 is the tread width of the tire in mm. the 75 means the side wall is 75% of the tread width. the 16 is obviously the rim width. so the height of the tire would be (265mm x .75) + 16in + (265mm x .75) you would then have to convert either...
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    Memory seat feature

    hey guys I had to take my Mounty Premier in this week to have the memory seat feature looked at. I haven't been able to save new settings to the 1 or 2 position. When they first started looking at it, however, they said that the mirrors are not included in the memory.... Is that correct? It's...
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    3rd Row Speakers

    nice install. i don't have people back there often in mine but good idea.
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    Employee Pricing???

    Hmmm. I've only purchased on the A/Z and I know all the dealer markups haven't been on those. They do charge the typical finance/paperwork fees but they all say there is no way around those...
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    Employee Pricing???

    i thought the employee pricing was the same as the A/D/Z plan, which is 7% under invoice or something like that. And the X plan was 3% under invoice. It should all be no haggle pricing, other than what they offer on the trade in obviously. Plus you should get any rebates or incentives on top of...
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    Hypertech Max Energy Programmer

    James - Do you offer anything for the 08 mounty 4.0? I looked on the site and couldn't find a single product for this engine.
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    Navigation System

    get the dvd from ebay. i just sold 2 on there, and there are always more. usually around 75-80 shipped.
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    Different color screens in gauge cluster?

    On mine it's Trip A, Trip B, Mileage, Gallons Used, Instant Fuel Economy (5 or 6 bar graph), maybe one other. It also does open doors, oil life, air filter life, head and tail light monitor, some other things like that. I'd have to go look to get the rest of the info.
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    2006 Puddle Lamp bulb spec?

    do the LED's match up with the stocks as far as current? i thought i remembered reading somewhere that the LED's draw is different than stock and could have negative effects
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    V6 vs. V8: MPG

    I've been getting between 18 and 19 with mixed driving with my v6. I didn't notice a huge difference in power between the 6 and 8 when I was test driving. I opted for the 6 to save a little money on the purchase price and on insurance.
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    Question on an 08 Limited

    My Lincoln kicked on right away, my 08 Mounty takes up to about 10 seconds like somebody else memtioned.
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    Ordering new muffler

    Well, I decided to go with a Flowmaster Delta 40 2.25 inch offset in center out. I'll swap that for the stock muffler and remove the resonator on my V6...
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    Magnaflow install without total catback system 06 Explorer V8

    Ok, on my lincoln the resonators were before the mufflers.