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    Clutch problems?

    Hello. My 93 decided to start acting up the other day, I am thinking it is the clutch but I was wanting to get some opinions. Either when in neutral (clutch not depressed) or when in gear, I am hearing a very loud grinding/rattling noise. When I depress the clutch pedal, the grinding will...
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    Squeaky front end.

    DeRocha, I've tried both WD40 and bearing grease. Neither seemed to really help. Thanks for the reply.
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    Squeaky front end.

    About a year ago the RAB were replaced. Since then I have noticed a squeaking coming from the front end of the vehicle that has worsened as of recently. It sounds like it is coming from the RAB. The front end makes this really aggravating squeaking sound whenever I hit any kind of bump at...
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    Engine running cool-Thermostat?

    I don't put much into the temp gauge...but when warm it would always read alittle less then midway on the normal, but now it doesn't even reach the N. I'll look for it behind the belt tensioner this afternoon, thanks for the info, Denny
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    Engine running cool-Thermostat?

    I did a search but didn't find anything. My 93 never really warms up. The needle doesn't reach the NORMAL on the gauge (A very scientific method of instrumentation.) My guess is that it is the thermostat. I looked at the engine, but couldn't even find where it is. Could anyone tell me where...
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    Adjusting Doors

    I've noticed more so recently that the doors on my 4 door XLT have a substantial amount of rattle when on any kind of bumpy road. On the liftgate I was able to adjust the post that the latch on the door latches too. But the stud on the doors are threaded straight into the door jam. Would all...
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    SkyJacker lift.

    From looking at it, it would seem 32's would fit with the 2''. I'd be willing to bet the suspension wouldnt have great articulation if it did fit, but we don't have any rocks in Florida anyway.
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    SkyJacker lift.

    I'm interested in the 1.5''-2'' lift Sky Jacker makes, its replacement front coils and an Add-A-Leaf rear. Has anyone installed and used this lift with success? What is the largest tire that I could squeeze under a first gen with that lift? I have 30x9.5 BFG AT's, there seems to be enough...
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    New Shocks

    Any recommendations for shock absorbers? My 93 is needing new shocks and I dont know much about them. It is its stock ride some point in the future I might do the 1.5-2'' Sky jacker lift. Just want something that is quality.
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    tire reccomendations

    I have a 93 with 30x9.5 BFG AT's. I've got about 2k miles on them right now, they ride well on the road and do decent off road. I wish I had the 31's though...I put my spare tire, 235/75, next to the new tires for comparision and there really is not difference. I went with the 30's so not to...
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    I am in no hurry to replace it, so I will keep my eyes open. THanks for the info.
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    After New Gears: Top Speed?

    The lower your gears, the more RPM's your engine will be turning. Wouldnt this logically effect the speed you are traveling at your engines redline?
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    The rear bumper on my 93 XLT is bend to hell. Are there any, stronger than OEM, bumpers availible? Has anyone custom fabbed something? I know the stronger the bumper, the more likely to cause damage to the frame, but the factory one is not overly sturdy. Any pics would be great! DC
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    '94 Explorer with 293000 miles question

    My 93 has 356K on the stock drive train. The motor sometimes has significant ping, but it has been an incredibly reliable vehichle. When it dies, I'll probably throw in another OHV and go 350,000 more miles.
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    Need some opinions-

    I have a very high mileage 93 xlt 4 door, 4x4. It either has 250k or 350k, but I am pretty sure it is 350. It has an all original drive train. The motor still runs, but makes a clacking noise under load, usually anything more than 3/4 throttle. It seems to have significantly lost power in...
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    Pulling 4.0 ohv.

    I will give the napa in town a try tomorrow. $1200 for the labor by Ford is way to high. Thanks for the replies
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    Pulling 4.0 ohv.

    I'm trying to plan for the inevitable, my 4.0 ohv in my 93 finally dying, with 350,000 miles, that day is coming. The explorer is my daily driver so I need it to be a reliable as it has been, as I need it to take me to school/work every day. I think it will be best to buy a Ford reman. motor...
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    Draining the power steering.

    My power steering makes a whining noise any time you turn the wheel..more so then any other vehichle I've heard. I dont know the last time the fluid was drained on it, figured it would be a good place to start. I couldnt find anyplace where it might drain from though. Is there anyway to...
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    Going to 31's

    I know 31's won't be a huge leap in size, I was just concerned about sending my mileage down the drain being that I put alot of miles on it. I think I will be going at the end of the week to buy them, I have to check out some local junkyards to replace my factory aluminium wheel that was...
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    Going to 31's

    I think I am going to finally be getting some new tires this coming week. I am looking seriously at BFGoodrich 31x10.5 r 15 All terrains. I am going to be driving to school, about 100 miles round trip, twice a week so I need a tire that will lasts a good while but also one that will do decent...
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    Lost a wheel.

    I paid with my Visa card, but the cost of the work they did is the least of it. After we get the estimate from Ford, hopefully tomorrow, we are going to the court house. Thanks for the concern yall, Denny
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    Lost a wheel.

    We are by no means letting this slide. When my parents first talked to the mechanic/owner, he said that he was sure he tightened the lug nuts...but then said that he would repair the brakes and mentioned something about going halfs on the deductible of MY insurance. It wasnt until a little...
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    Lost a wheel.

    Last week I had a local service station replace my brake pads and change my oil. Things I probably should have done myself, but didnt have time to. I wanted it done before I went away for a few days this weekend. Thursday night coming back from the beach with my girlfriend, about an hour...
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    Manual tranny goes into gear hard

    My explorer had problems going into gear for a long time until I finally had the slave cylinder replaced and then now it goes into gear fairly easily.
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    Racheting Hub

    I had a feeling that was coming. The autos never worked that great anyhow. Good thing summer is coming up and I can start making some $$$ again. Thanks for the help. :exp: