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    Hello all...I just bought for a very good price a 3-way component speaker system by DLS Audio for my 2010 sport trac xlt. This includes a 6.5" mid bass speaker,a 2.5" midrange and a 1" tweeter....i was wondering if anyone has used a system like this for their front speakers and how and where...
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    OEM Radio Removal

    oem radio change yes,very easy to remove...I did my 2010 ST XLT a few months ago and had no trouble at all...If i may make a suggestion on the head unit...I agree with the pioneer but i went with the full 7" screan also has a few other features over the 3300....I also changed...
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    2007 Sport Trac

    Well you will need a kit to mount and center either the 3300 or the 4300. The 3300 has a 5.8" screan while the 4300 has a full 7" screan. Also it has a few more features. If you dont need nav,I have a 7" magellen up on my dash,i would go with the 4300. They are both great units as is all of the...
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    2007 Sport Trac

    Stereo I would just go out and get an aftermarket stereo...Will sound 1000% better than the stock...I put the pioneer avh-p4300dvd in my 2010 and also changed the speakers....Easy job and it sounds GREAT...Hope this helps...Mike
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    HELP - back window deflector for 2010 xlt

    sport trac rear window deflector Hello and YES....I bought mine from AMAZON.COM Says its for the 2001-2005 but i was told it would on my 2010...Great fit and looks great also...At $43.00 and free shiping you cant go is listed under GT Styling 57315 Shadeblade Rear Window...