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    Hid projectors

    i am wanting to do The hid mod to my headlights but I’m not really sure the best place to get the projectors I would like for them to have the led halos in them also
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    2005 explorer 4.0 into 2003 explorer body ???

    It’s a pain in the butt bell housing bolts suck to get to. It will be easiest to pull both engines and transmissions together. There are 4 flex plate to torque converter bolts and you have to get to those threw where the starter mounts So while it’s out I’d check the condition of the rear...
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    Largest Tires Without Lift?

    I have the same size on my 04 in Toyo AT2 have some bfg ko2 in 265/75 16 going on this weekend I’ll throw a pic up for the op after I get them mounted
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    Spartan Locker

    Anyone have the install pics?
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    Od off

    Drive it to work earlier everything acted as it should no lights. I think if if doesn’t act up on the way to class this evening then I’ll check the connectors on the transmission. We’ve had a lot of dry weather lately and traveled on some dirt/gravel roads then it has rained the past couple...
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    Od off

    How big of a pain in the butt is it to change
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    Od off

    Swung by work scanned the code p1744 tcc stuck Any easy way to remedy this or is it drop the pan change fluid/filter and solenoid Been about 35k since the last change I done on the fluid
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    Od off

    Have to love a ford fix one problem only to have another come up. Od off light started flashing this morning for no reason I can tell. No harsh shifts or lagging. Could I just need to change the fluid and filter? I replaced the solenoid block about 3 years ago. I can turn it off and...
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    My 2004 Explorer Project

    It's not as bad as it sounds to change the timing chain cassette, but yes I'd sell it and get something else. I've had mine for 4 years timing cassette has been broken off since I bought it have put about 40k miles since then. I have another engine ready to go in before my beach trip at the end...
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    Will headers for 4.0 mustangs work with the 4.0 explorer?

    I don't have any brand recommendations for headers or cats just try to go with chrome or stainless. The painted steel rusts easy
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    Will headers for 4.0 mustangs work with the 4.0 explorer?

    I'm pretty sure they use the same short tube headers. Only difference is the y-pipe and back. I'd go with short tubes 2 high flow cats loose the 3rd cat and pick a muffler you like the sound of the best
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    What Did You Do To Your 3rd Gen Today?

    I changed my rear wheel bearing on the drivers side. Opted for the moog lk001 since I don't have access to a big enough press. Old bearing was about 30ft from seizing up
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    Fuel injector grommet

    Wonder why people don't take aliminum bar stock or stainless steel and make a bushing
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    Fuel injector grommet

    Thanks I have 6 on the engine currently in the explorer I wonder if I'll be able to get them out without breaking apart?
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    Fuel injector grommet

    Anyone have a cheaper source for the 4.0 soho fuel injector grommet that goes in the head?
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    Ranger vs. Explorer FRONT Bumper

    3rd gen explorers are wider than rangers by like 3"
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    Up grade

    What's everyone that's done it chosen preferred place to get a set gears? I want to go from my 3.55 to 4.56 I know I need a different carrier for the front unless I've read wrong someplace on here. Tires aren't big. Just have 265s now and will probably stick in the 265-285 range and I have...
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    Why won't uhaul rent trailers to us?

    How do you like the curt receiver? Any rust issues? I've had a few of the hitches get rusty especially the ball before I ever latched a trailer to it. I plan on adding a 2" receiver and then building a swing away tire/gas cab/ highlift jack mount and plugging it into the 1.25" reciever and...
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    Why won't uhaul rent trailers to us?

    Tell them it's a mountaineer
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    Has Anyone Used 100 Watt High Beam Bulbs?

    Should be fine to run, use a relay that will get more power to the bulb, it's easy to wire a relay up too
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    Weird things happening?

    Yup I'm in Bristol spend most of my time in Blountville at northeast state lol
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    Weird things happening?

    Sounds like a dirty iac clean the TB and maf sensor, Coolant leak could be the thermostat housing, they are a pos mine leaks too, Squeak could be ball joints and sway bar bushings, Get a grease gun and needle and grease the ball joints, just poke it into the rubber dust boot. For the sway...
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    4x4 issue

    not sure how much voltage will be flowing to it until the module tells it to engage, Then when it is signaled to engage it should bump it up to the 12v to lock it up. Easiest thing to start with will be to see what that code shows
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    4x4 issue

    see if you can get a code pulled for the abs light being on. That may give you all the answers you need