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  1. J

    P0443 still haunting me today. =D

    Ive tried cleaning the vent valve and canister, I replaced the purge valve soleniod with a new one from MotoCraft. I changed the wiring connector to the solenoid, and for a few miles the light went away on its own, Now its back, Im out of ideas. To the experts, PLEASE HELP! LOL. Thanks guys...
  2. J

    My MAF is HOT

    My 97 explorer 2WD with a 5.0L V8 has been randomly bogging down on me, under load while turning, and going forward from a stop. It happens as I accelerate. It seems to just pause and then catch on. Idle is perfect. No check engine light, except for a purge valve circuit. Is my MAF sensor...
  3. J

    Driver and Passenger Windows...Motor or Regulator?

    My driver and passenger windows need a hand to slide up and down. I can hear the motor running but the window doesnt move. I have to push them down or up and then they move. Motor or regulator?
  4. J

    Bogging and Bugging me. What is wrong with it ?

    I was leaning towards the TPS being faulty. I havent checked it yet but will do so tomorrow. I replaced the alternator not too long ago, before rewlizing I had a crushed synchronizer instead. =D ....maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago? So I dont think thats my issue. Ill definately check the TPS, luckily I...
  5. J

    Bogging and Bugging me. What is wrong with it ?

    Hey Im new to the forum. I just recently traded for a 1997 Explorer XLT 5.0L woth 130k miles. In the mornings when Im off to work, and the engine hasn't fully warmed up, the Explorer bogs and loses power for a second and then catches on. Once its warm it runs fine, EXCEPT when I make a...