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    Rough Ride!! Need Advice...

    I am.. Having the same problem.. I have the monroe sensa-tracks and they are just way to firm for my sport.. Its like i am hitting a brick wall when I hit the smallest bump.. I've replaced the ball joints and got new tires.. and just had to replace the bearing-hub assy due the the massive jolts...
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    2000 sport 4x4 issues

    I am having the exact same problem with my 99 sport tonight.. I was driving it through snow and showing off last week and now its stuck in 4hi.. From what I have read so far is that the connectors to the t-box are dirty and most likely wet and stuffed with snow and need to be cleaned out so they...
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    DTCs P0171 and P0174

    my wife has the same problem and I need a 80 degree day to fix it!! It is the intake maniflold gaskets on the intake... there is a whole write up on how to do it on here. just search p171 and p174.
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    Wiring Harness for a 99 Explorer Sport

    hmm only one wire on that one. I think that one might go to the console for the back seat.. the controls that are accessible for the back seat.. U might not have those controls tho. If you are putting a aftermarket radio in those controls won't work anymore.
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    Thieves amoung us..

    yeah that sux cuz.:mad:. that happened to me a couple of years ago. Explorer was parked right outside my house and they smashed the pass window and stole my system and brand new stereo i just put in days before.. I had insurance tho and was able to replace everything and also installed a paging...
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    The 5R55E and the infamous 2-3 shift flare issue

    Wow what a shame!!:( U could have done a better job and still had enough money for a new set of tires!! or a really cool flip up 7" monitor cd player if u had done it yourself. I decided to get the cd player!!!!:D
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    Firestone Destination A/T - opinions?

    u should try The Avon Ranger Tyre. They are on and really are a great tire. (they are actually Cooper tires as Avon owns Cooper or so ive been told) I had the firestone wilderness tires untill 2001 then got the goodyear wranglers. They were ok tires but bumps really were too bouncy...
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    How to: 5R55E Valve Body Rebuild Diary

    A Toast... :salute:to Glacier and BrooklynBay.. thanks for giving me the motivation and the knowledge to tackle my valve body in my ex. The hardest part was getting the tranny pan past the cat! After 150,000 the thing drives like brand new! So thanks again and now I am an Elite Explorer :D
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    Brush Guard Project!

    nice truck and I have the same bar too! I have had my truck for 10 yrs and the bar for about 8 and the holes where the fog lights go got really rusted out and eventually the whole thing rusted so I got that herculiner stuff and put it on my bar and it looks really good!! but u might want to dab...
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    State of Emergency!!

    well I did get the bolts off over the weekend!! I did not have any fire so I used one of those dremel wizards!! I put one of the cutting discs on it and went to town on those bolts!!
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    Wanted Transmission info needed. It's slipping, with a flashing O/D light.

    well if you got a sohc it could be a valve body problem.... Did u or some other repair shop rebuild your tranny?? Did they or u rebuild the valve body with all the new mods available??
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    State of Emergency!!

    ok got that off butt....... how should i get the cat off there are 2 bolts going to the exhaust manifold and 2 bolts after the cat going to the exhaust that are totally rusted out big time ... no visible threads at all!! should i cut the pipe??? thanks for helpin me out at this difficult time!!:)
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    State of Emergency!!

    I kinda knew this was going to happen.. I am trying to get my pan off my 99 ex sport sohc 5r55e to do the vb rebuild and I cant get it off because the exhaust baffle that is screwed to the exhaust pipe well the screws are totally frozen there are no threads at all! I am ready to get the saw...
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    96 explorer - toss it or fix it

    Depends........... It depends... Do you want a car payment every month?? I know I don't. I would rather spend 600 bucks which is about 2 months new car payment and fix your problem. just check on this site.. there are so many of us here. U could just about fix any problem with your ex! good...
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    Another transmission won't go after fluid change

    Ranger7ltr... I like your style!! I have a 99 sport too.. bought it in july of 99 with 10 miles on it.. 10 years later I have 145,000 miles on it and have the exact same problems with my transmission who would have thunk it! I just got a new valve body, servo rings, gaskets, and a filter and am...
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    How do I fix this bumper?

    Only 101,000 thats just getting broke in :eek:!!!! mines got 145,000 works fine. I also have had rust on my ex. My brush guard that I had installed in 2001 was pretty rusty so I used herculiner and let me tell you I get compliments on it all the time!! Need to do my running boards next. Try the...
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    Rear Wiper Motor Replacement

    yea nice write up!! I might do this one soon. I still have the original motor! It works fine untill i open and close the tailgate then i have to turn on the power and go around back and pull the wiper arm away from the window and move it side to side and then it works fine again untill i open...
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    I am getting low mpg wondering if tires are cause???

    I know when i go 80 on the turnpike i am exactly at 3000 rpm!!
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    ill light it on fire!!

    what up hound south jersey hell ya! my buddy had the same thing happen to him after messing around with the unlock button in the back of the ex by the tailgate. Turns out the weatherstripping was leaking on his side back window and got inside the button wet. he dried it off and it worked again!
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    Upper Control Arms & Moog K80065

    I just did mine and I snapped the factory camber ajustment bolt and got the kit you are talking about and yes it replaces the factory bolt. It is shaped differently than the factory bolt mainly for better alignment.
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    tires moving after lower balljoint replacement

    its quite possible I might have leaky seals in my steering rack.. my explorer just turned 145,000mi. There is a small amount of oil on my front crossbar but i think its motor oil from my engine's seals which are leaking a bit....thats my next project!!:rolleyes:
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    1999 Limited with 17K Miles

    Did u know those tires are no good!! They are the Firestone tires that were recalled back in 2001. I used to have em, now i roll on Avon Rangers and man I gotta tell ya its a great tire!:p:
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    tires moving after lower balljoint replacement

    Thanks for your input guys. 98 wins the gold star on this one! After jacking up the front end and turning my steering wheel back and forth for about 5 min the wheels tightened up and steering returned to normal. thanks again:)
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    How to: Parking Brake Removal and Installation (with pictures)

    this should be made into a sticky, made a nice sat afternoon job
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    Bad Vibrations

    I agree with dogfriend, you got some air trapped in you ps lines. Jack up the front of the truck and turn the steering wheel back and forth till steering is smooth. Air usually becomes introduced in you lines if the steering wheel is moved when the truck is not on.