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  1. Rick

    Garage Heater

    What part of the country? Do you have gas available, or just electric?
  2. Rick

    Adventure trailer build thread.

    Mechanics always seem to find wormholes into other dimensions. That's where all the 10mm sockets go.
  3. Rick

    Codes 87 and 95 dies intermittently with high idle

    All I can suggest is to get a hold of a wiring diagram and start testing the system from end to end with a VOM looking for voltage drop, bad grounds and intermittent connections.
  4. Rick

    Anybody need a 91 through 99 Chilton?

    I'm sure someone needs this. Bumping this up for you.
  5. Rick

    Water soaked floor

    Two possiblities, either your heater core has a leak and needs to be replaced, or your AC condensation drip tube is clogged and the condensation is backing up into the interior. I would pull back as much as you can and run a fan in there with the windows down so the moisture can escape.
  6. Rick

    What happened..

    Issue with the search which should be resolved soon.
  7. Rick

    Heater control valve

    If they aren't rusted there is no need. Those things are strong... Amazon has several clamp pliers: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=hose+clamp+pliers&ref=nb_sb_noss_2&tag=serious-20
  8. Rick

    DIY 5.0 Exhaust on the cheap for My Build?

    I would call some local shops to see if they could build you a custom 3" tailpipe.
  9. Rick

    Solved Air conditioning drain problem causing transmission shudder

    Nice job troubleshooting the issue. I set you up with a 3 month Elite membership for the article you put together:chug:
  10. Rick


    Now that the forum is back online... I am also interested in what kind of classic car you have. I have a couple myself:chug:
  11. Rick

    2002 4.6 Explorer has low power and bucks between 40-50mph

    This member had a similar issue and came up with this: "Just a follow up, as I found my problem and it was an easy fix. abomb4601 and a couple others called it, was a bad plug connection. I had replaced all the plugs and wires less than a year prior to the issue, so I kind of discounted that...
  12. Rick

    Does anyone have a commercial drone license with the FAA?

    I'm curious if anyone here has went through the process to become a licensed drone pilot so they can operate a drone commercially. I have been thinking about taking a class.
  13. Rick

    Codes 87 and 95 dies intermittently with high idle

    Code 95 is fuel pump circuit issue. Code 87 is fuel pump circuit intermittent. I would check the fuse/relay box for corrosion on the backside of the plug ins, and also recheck your connection at the fuel pump.
  14. Rick

    Newbie here!

    Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here:chug:
  15. Rick

    Brian1 91 XLT 4x4

    I just had to comment on the red oil can in the photo. A couple weeks ago I was filling the OD unit of the Dart with an oil can like that. I need the flexible wand to reach the fill hole. The tip of the wand broke off and fell into the OD unit:eek: Had to remove it and pull it all apart to get...
  16. Rick

    My latest project: 1970 Dodge Dart 512 C.I. Bracket Racer

    I bypassed the switch panel and the pump worked fine. I've already replaced the defective panel and all is well with that now. I just shipped the carburetor off to Pro Systems today so they can make the Dominator carb more streetable. It was previously optimized for wide open throttle operation...
  17. Rick

    What happened..

    Things changed for the worse at the old ISP. When I started with them it was owned by a friend of mine. Unfortunately it's been sold twice since.
  18. Rick

    Shout out

    I no longer have hair and I'm now a raging alcoholic:drunk:
  19. Rick

    List of Useful Threads Stock 3rd Gen Forum's Best How To Threads

    How to: 2002 Explorer rear wheel bearing replacement How I changed my 05's Front Wheel Bearing How To: 3rd Gen Rear Pinion Seal and Gear Oil Replacement Fuel Filter Replacement w/pics How to: Replace Front Blend Door Actuator in 3rd Gen Ex. PATS key success! Thanks Forscan How To...