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  1. vroomzoomboom

    supercharged 5.0 true fire 98 explorer sport

    after about 2 weeks of revisions in tunes (i lost count, i dont think don even wants to think about how many he did), time money, head scratching, chain smoking, alcohol abuse and nervous breakdowns (kidding on the last 2) don an myself worked on the tuning. he did spot things that he fixed, but...
  2. vroomzoomboom

    My 2000 Explorer 4 door XLT

    you must love buying trucks with hammered out driveline's dont you lol
  3. vroomzoomboom

    The Black Hole

    you didnt re use your old oil did you?
  4. vroomzoomboom

    The Black Hole

    body lift right? is the steering shaft rubbing the manifold?
  5. vroomzoomboom

    supercharged 5.0 true fire 98 explorer sport

    so while the forum has been down, there have been a few steps ahead, and behind. i got around to putting my oil tank in. after searching for a sport for it for days (and thats no lie either) i found one on the drivers side behind the rad and beside the air filter made a small bracket...
  6. vroomzoomboom

    For Sale eaton m112 supercharger 96-01 302 5L explorers kit

    as the old saying goes, speed = money. how fast do you want to go. i cant say typical hp gain, because i didnt have it on the dyno with either motor. when the EE m90 kit was on the 302 it made (without digging into my thread) 255-260 hp, and around 335 tq at the wheels. that supercharger was...