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  1. Flounder

    Ranger Raptor Will Not Be Sold in US

    Let's hope Ford rethinks this. Confirmed: Ford Ranger Raptor Will Not Be Sold in the US
  2. Flounder

    2019 Ford Ranger First Look

    2019 Ford Ranger First Look: Welcome Home - Motor Trend Finally a suitable replacement for my Sport Trac. I'd love to wait for a 2020 or 2021 Raptor package, but I'll likely jump into an FX4 as soon as possible.
  3. Flounder

    Return of the Ranger and Bronco???

    I cannot wait for the return of the Ranger. I have come close but stopped to replacing the Trac with the hope that I could stick with a similarly sized Blue Oval truck.
  4. Flounder

    First Sears sells 150 stores, and now they are selling the Craftsman line to Stanley Black & Decker.

    Makes my journey to too many Sears stores looking for US made wrenches all the more worthwhile. I'm glad I did it when I did. http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/index.php?threads/farewell-craftsman.438130/
  5. Flounder

    Any V8 STA owners in and around Harrisburg PA

    If you are in the Pocono Mountains, you might catch a glimpse of Old Man Flounder and his red '08 Adrenalin V8. It is a rust-free garage queen. He sent me this picture about a week ago, with the comment, "Gets me kinds misty! Miles are starting to mount. Time for a bigger 150." So I sent...
  6. Flounder

    Dead radio, power widows, guages questions...

    Your cluster might be failing. Many 2004 and 2005 clusters seem to be failing now. When it does, you may lose, among other things, your fuel, oil, battery, and engine temp gauges, speedo, and digital odometer. If the solders to, among other things, 12V accessory on fail, you will lose radio...
  7. Flounder

    For Sale New Lund Catch-All Premium Floor Mats for 2006-2010 Explorers/Mountaineers - Black

    Somehow these survived a garage clean-out. I'll give these to anyone who wants them for the cost of shipping. They only fit Explorers (no Tracs) because of the pin placement in the floor -- unless you want to modify your interior.
  8. Flounder

    frusterated insterment cluster or something else

    I placed an 05 cluster in my 04 and everything worked (although the new cluster has developed problems like my old cluster). In addition, my truck started without the cluster in it. I couldn't turn on the headlights because the switch and panel were out, but I could otherwise drive it. Of...
  9. Flounder

    For Sale (2) Moog K7275 End Link Kits

    $15.00? They also make great swords for squirrels who like to duel.
  10. Flounder

    frusterated insterment cluster or something else

    Actually, they will. At least in 04 and 05 STs, PATS is not in the cluster. I replaced my first cluster with an 05 cluster with about 3,000 more miles (to keep the DMV happy), which also had issues (but not as many).
  11. Flounder

    frusterated insterment cluster or something else

    Ditto. Us 04 and 05 owners seem to have hit the end of life of our clusters. RT Grimm can remedy for substantially less than a new cluster and programming.
  12. Flounder

    For Sale (2) Moog K7275 End Link Kits

    I ordered these but they did not fit (bolts too short) because I run an Addco sway bar up front, which is thicker than the OEM bar. They then hit the parts cabinet and I forgot about them. I believe these fit 95-01 Explorers, 01-05 Sport Tracs, and 01-03 Sports. $20.00 shipped via FedEx.
  13. Flounder

    Amazon now Free Shipping with $49 purchase

    Now that Amazon charges tax in my state, I more often use Amazon's prices to obtain a match at a b&m store. Prime same-day is great, but instant gratification is greater. :)
  14. Flounder

    Farewell Craftsman

    Well, I won't replace it with a USA-made one from Sears because there probably won't be any left. I may go used. I also have this tucked away (not in the chest -- thinking of putting it in the china cabinet... :)) It doesn't have the big sizes, but damned if I know what I ever will use them for.
  15. Flounder

    Farewell Craftsman

    After some help -- now a complete set of Craftsman USA-made wrenches in every size. Unfortunately, when if I ever break one, I'll never replace it with a USA-made one.
  16. Flounder

    Adrenalin 255/50R20 to 265/50R20

    Has anyone done this? My old man's Adrenalin has 255/50R20 Pirelli's that only got 25,000 miles. I'm looking at 265/50R20 Michelin Premier LTXs as a replacement (better warranty, and seemingly very strong reviews). Has anyone gone a size up? I'm aware that the spare also will need to be...
  17. Flounder

    Farewell Craftsman

    A brief update -- Some people try to visit every major league baseball stadium. I have been visiting every Sears within driving distance trying to add to my existing USA-forged SAE and Metric wrenches. I have been able to complete the SAE set and have about 5 or 6 more to go on the Metric...
  18. Flounder

    Is there a way to see if a car was repossessed?

    Through high school a friend and I detailed cars for spare cash. The last car we did was similar to what you described. When we finished, we stopped detailing. It was so gross inside -- pieces of hamburger buns under the seats, a layer of crumbs on everything like freshly fallen snow, the...
  19. Flounder

    Instrument Cluster Issues

    I did the salvage yard replace thing, and it lasted only weeks. I'm removing and sending to RT Grim this week. Right after I replace my left front hub. :)
  20. Flounder

    Farewell Craftsman

    I found a few more, but not many. Still no luck on the 299 socket set. I decided to focus on building a "legacy" tool collection (that I'll actually use) -- something to pass to my child/ren, and so on. I picked up an 18-piece set of Wright Tools metric wrenches with a polished finish. Next...
  21. Flounder

    Farewell Craftsman

    I went to a Sears, Sears Hardware, and Sears Outlet today. I found 5 different hand tool items manufactured in the U.S. Total. A small set of ratcheting wrenches, a screw driver set, a pliers set, a 17 piece Metric 12-point socket set, and a 94 piece mechanic's set. Everything else was...
  22. Flounder

    Return of the Ranger and Bronco???

    I've been looking for a new vehicle for what seems like years, but never finding something worth giving up my Trac. (I was inches from pulling the trigger on an Xterra before my wife asked me if I wanted to wear her underwear, too.) This will do it.
  23. Flounder

    Need help wiring factory fog light switch

    Makes sense. So, my suggestion of tapping the two won't work.
  24. Flounder

    Need help wiring factory fog light switch

    As to 1), why not tap pin 6's wire to pin 3's wire? When the switch is engaged, pin 3's wire should be 12V hot, which, in turn, will illuminate the light. As an aside, I did the same project you are doing, but ran a wire from pin 3, through the firewall, and to the 12V hot wire after the...