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    Seat Leather Stretching, Clips Letting Go

    They are junk........as you have probably read. I got the Michelins Defender and its a different truck.
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    Treadwear Issue with Ventus S1 Noble 2 Hankooks

    Well I bit the bullet - Got Michelin Defenders installed yesterday, $1100 at Discount tire. As others have said, what a difference in ride and quietness and handling. Very impressed. Hankooks are junk, they were all chipped and delaminating at 22,500 miles. Thats disgraceful on a new car. Didn't...
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    Are 2017 Explorer Platinum Seats more comfortable?

    defiantly drive vehicles back to back. the explorer has a hi lumbar support, and if you get the platinum you ll get the multi contour seats which some find uncomfortable due to the mechanicals of massaging system. yes there are air bladders in the seat but the foam is thinner because of it. many...
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    seats discolored

    dealer replaced the seat back cover on mine under warranty. I bought new fabric belts so as to not have the issue anymore. Recently my wife took over the Exp and I traded her F150 in for an 17 F250 with black leather - problem solved.......
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    2018 Explorer

    Looks like they are sticking with the crappy Hankooks as well on the Platinum. I do like the rear bumper cover but its a shame its fully integrated into the rear fascia. The rest of the back end looks like a cost savings exercise, no integrated tips, removal of the painted tow hitch cover and...
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    Treadwear Issue with Ventus S1 Noble 2 Hankooks

    Add me to the list. 17k and tread separation in the fronts. Rotated 2x. Seems like everyone else these are too soft for the truck.
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    Time for tires

    Well I am about to replace the junk Hankooks on my Platinum. 16K miles and front left has tread separation and I picked up 2 screws in the rh frt and rear. Anyone recommend decent tires? Looks like the Michelin are the way to go but I live in Texas so the chances of snow are remote.........
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    seats discolored

    Yes Peter - Very well aware of that. However the Leather is also different to the std leather in a Limited or a Sport. That is why I asked for Platinum owners (such as yourself) to see if they have this issue, specifically Ceramic, which is the lighter color. Whilst the thread is old, it is not...
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    seats discolored

    Mods - Why move a post a post to one that has not been discussed since 2014! This question is specific to PLATINUM owners with Ceramic leather which is different to the rest of the fleet
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    seats discolored

    I have the Platinum with the Ceramic color leather. I have noticed over the last several months that there is "transfer" on the seat back from my belt. Its on the area thats pleated and looks soiled. i have an apt with the dealer Sat for an OC/TR and will ask him about it then. The leather...
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    Adding Nav to My touch what is needed?

    look at the Forscan thread over in the F150 forum. All you need to do is read the instructions on how to add nav.
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    2016 rear view mirrior fuse

    It does. Interior and driver mirrors are self dimming.
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    2016 rear view mirrior fuse

    EC= Electro Chromatic (self dimming)
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    Front license plate holder removal

    I drilled out the plastic rivets. I had some xmas tree pins I put in the holes. Supposed to have one in Texas but oh well.......
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    Explorer opens garage by itself?!

    I would reset the homelink (remove your programing from the Explorer) first to see if that is what the issue is. Cant say I have heard of this before, might be tension in the garage door opener that is self opening.
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    2017 Explorer Wind Noise

    I would check on the B pillar applique as well. Mine was loose (came unstuck at the top) and it was causing wind noise. It was replaced under warranty and now its quiet again. Other things to check are at the base of the A pillar to see if there is tape missing on some holes, maybe pull off the...
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    Power Lift Gate

    Ok. If it is the foot activation I have a Platinum and can't get it to work. It's hit or miss with me. You have to hit the plastic pretty hard. Check YouTube for instructions.
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    Power Lift Gate

    look on the panel just above the headlamp switch - the button to the far left should be the pwr liftgate button. Also you can feel in the liftgate handle and push the button it ll beep and open if you have it.
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    Why I am having trouble buying a new Explorer

    Not quite. Whilst the Citadel has Nappa Leather seating surfaces, the Summit has full Natura Plus (now moved to Laguana Leather for '17) additionally, the armrests etc. are leather on the Summit vs. protein vinyl on the Citadel. GC also has wrapped pillars, alcantara headliner and real wood...
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    Ford needs to spice up the Explorer exterior color options

    I went with the Blue Jeans Platinum - I havent seen another one yet. Wifes F150 Platinum is the same. Great looking color. I would admit tho that the dealers only seems to order Black and white etc. We live in Texas - black cars are just out of the question - dusty and HOT.
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    2017 Ford Explorer Platinum (test drive)

    Again - maybe you are cross shopping the wrong brands. You can't compare the two and expect them to be similar ($55 vs. $80). If Ford wanted to throw another $25K in material cost, you'd have essentially a Q7 or better (or a Lincoln). With Audi you are buying the brand, and right now, tainted...
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    Why I am having trouble buying a new Explorer

    as you are likely aware - GC is unibody as well - it never has been BoF. The last of those was the Cherokee or the Gen 2 Durango. Dealer will gladly sell you a spare kit (if it fits) - as for it coming with one - the company gets the weight credit by not putting one in - its a wash cost wise...
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    2017 Ford Explorer Platinum (test drive)

    Couple of things that might help. Most transmissions are adaptive nowadays. Seeing as the PCM is computer controlled, they adapt to your driving. In some cases, people pull the appropriate fuse to reset so that it resets and becomes more aggressive. As for Ford and Audi, not exactly the cross...