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  1. J


    LOL @ one man thread....... I have the warrior shackles. I wouldn't buy anything else just because they are proven, fit & hold up well. I gained maybe an inch of lift but that basically leveled out the sagging rear springs. No difference in ride quailty. Had a set on 3 1st gens as well.
  2. J

    Air box where to get the Kkm

    Watch how you mount the filter bracket. If your using the stock tube, you need to watch the clearance at the alt pulley. The tube may shift around & the pulley will slice into the bottom of the intake tube. That will mess up your day since it's after the MAS. The stock tube is a PITA to...
  3. J

    Cold Air Intake CAI that has CARB Executive order number?

    Very little. May get some better throttle response, & yeah on a dyno it may see 5hp or so. Nothing you can feel or measure on the street. The only intakes(car wide) that do anything are if it pulls in air from outside the engine bay & then the abilty to tune it.
  4. J

    Cold Air Intake CAI that has CARB Executive order number?

    K&N might be the only one. CARB EO Number D-269-12
  5. J

    Fixing recirculation AC door

    I did...sold it....LOL No really, never fixed it. Left the door open & lived with it.
  6. J


    Yeah I'm still here...LOL I don't own that X any longer. It was a headliner. Nothing special. They did use some thicker material that held much better then the thin junk Ford used.
  7. J

    2000 Explorer Cargo Space Speakers Mod

    They made great HU's back in the day. I had one in the 1st 94 X I had. Heat seemed ok. I didn't really mointor it, but the amp never gave out on me.
  8. J

    Frame bushings

    Sport track is missing some(only 8) as there are none for the bed area. You will need a sport kit that has 10. https://www.explorerforum.com/forums/threads/2001-explorer-sport-body-mounts.418389/
  9. J

    Preparing for a long drive - reliability improvements

    If's it running fine now, & your caught up on regular maintenance, Don't worry about it. Take some tools, gallon or 2 of water, a gas can, some zip ties & duct tape. 12V portable air compressor. Make sure your tires are good, no nails or damage. Make sure your spare is good as well & fill it to...
  10. J

    SOHC failure chances

    ok so I should be good then for a while. On the tensionors, I read in a few places if I replace them I could make the problem more apparent & the system will fail sooner? While the oil system is good, I no longer have anywhere to work on a car. And any shop here wouldn't know what they are...
  11. J

    SOHC failure chances

    Main concern is sudden failure with no warning signs. Heat & 70+ HW speeds are everyday here.
  12. J

    SOHC failure chances

    I get it, the engine is flawed by design with plastic guide rods. I know the internet makes things seem like it's every one made. Realistically if one doesn't see a problem with 18 years & 106K miles of use, & Mobil 1 every 3K miles with a new filter, can one expect it to fail out of nowhere...
  13. J

    2000 Explorer Cargo Space Speakers Mod

    I had a sub amp mounted behind the passenger cargo panel, & a JL stealthbox where the factory sub would be. It was all hidden & I had full use of the space. Several people have mouted amps in these places. There is much room in the space just in front, & behind of the wheel well.
  14. J

    2000 Explorer Cargo Space Speakers Mod

    No pics but what do you want to accomplish? Most of your imaging & sound comes from your front sound stage. The lift-gate will vibrate like a freight train if you try to mount speakers on it. Screwing speaker boxes into the panel would also have to have some sort of support behind them. Also...
  15. J

    Wet A/C dryer when hot

    Good sweat like that means the system is in great shape.
  16. J

    BBK Throttle body (99 Explorer 4.0 OHV rebuild) + headers. Worth it or not?

    I ran a BBK in South FLA on 3 1st gens. No problems & the throttle respnose was much better & smoother. Gains no idea. Headers are a good upgrade as well. However won't net much unless you can tune. And you should also port the upper & lower intake. Then maybe even get some better heads. Add a...
  17. J

    Solved: Engine oil and filter for 4.0 SOHC - 5W-20 or 5W-30?

    Motorcraft FL820S Mobil 5W30 Synthetic. Both are very cheap in Walmart Every 6 months only cuase I don't drive it much.
  18. J

    Cranks no start

    It was towed to my grandma's. It will sit there until I have the time to tow it to a shop. Don't have the tools, time, or space to troubleshoot any further. $576 for replacement. A little cheaper if I can use the AAA discount I have.
  19. J

    Cranks no start

    OK I guess it is the fuel pump. I tried the starter fluid. Started & ran for 10 seconds then died. Did it again same result. Must have been one cheap pump used last time.
  20. J

    Cranks no start

    I drove 260 miles 1 way. I then stopped to fill up gas. No problems before hand. No starting, fuel or otherwise. I got gas, tried to start, cranks, but won't start. The button on the inertia switch is down. I popped it up manually & reset it. Took the connector out, looked fine. Wiggled it...
  21. J

    Warrior shackle install.

    LOL, I'm not the only one that did the bottle jack method.....;)
  22. J

    Removing Kenwood Stereo from 1998 Explorer

    Should be using the standard Double Din bracket, so remove the trim around the opening. 2 screws at the bottom & the rest pulls off. Most of the aftermarket HU's I have seen use some sort of flat clip tool you slide into each end of the HU on the sides & release a clip & pulls out. You can look...
  23. J

    1St Gen Audio Questions

    If you just want loud bass & play mostly bass heavy music a bandpass box with 2 10's would be good. Don't really need accurate if it's hip hop, dance, techno, etc. Will more then rattle your X & some things outside of it. Get a good Kicker or other quality class D mono amp at about 4-600watts...
  24. J

    Let’s see your aftermarket fogs/light upgrades

    Only use in in the rain or on a really dark road with little to no traffic. It will blind anything in front of me.
  25. J

    Darker winter skies; older headlights @ 25%?

    TYC isn't all that. I replaced my lenses almost 2 years ago & they are starting to haze over.... Granted my X sits unused for periods of time baking in the FL sun & heat, but still 2 years?