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  1. LONO100

    Show Off Your Sport Trac!

    Earlier this summer somewhere deep in the Sierra mountains.
  2. LONO100

    New and need brush guard help

    Although your sport trac is an 05, it actually based on the 2nd generation explorers from 97-01. The 05 explorer is gen 3, and while it is the same year as your sport trac, it is very much a different vehicle and that is most likely why you can't mount that brush guard.
  3. LONO100

    need help with leaf spring bushings

    Thanks for the info. I just ordered another set a few days ago. If those end up being wrong, I'll give these a shot.
  4. LONO100

    P2195 and P0135

    Just use WD40 or carb cleaner. Check first thing in the morning when the engine is cool. Fire it up, and check quickly before the block gets hot if you are worried about lighting yourself on fire. Have an extinguisher handy for piece of mind. You don't need to drench everything. Just hit the...
  5. LONO100

    Interior lights.

    Check the rolling dial that dims your gauge cluster lights and turns the dome light on and off. Plenty of 2nd gen explorers at the pick n pull, you can nab one for about 10 bucks there. You cam get a new one from autozone for 35 bucks if it is in fact what's causing the issue.
  6. LONO100

    P2195 and P0135

    usually a bank 1 sensor 1 error is caused by a vacuum leak upstream of the cat converter. you are going to need to inspect all your vacuum lines, plastic tubes, rubber hoses for cracks or tears. then once you confirm that there are no leaks, then look into replacing that bank one sensor. A lean...
  7. LONO100

    need help with leaf spring bushings

    I did, they aren't. The PN for the 2003 sport trac is listed as RB207 (rock auto), and the 2003 ranger is RB159.
  8. LONO100

    need help with leaf spring bushings

    Thanks for the link. Based on the bushing chart, it looks like the closest bushings that fit my actual springs are the 84-03 ranger. I found a set being sold on autozone through online order for 70 bucks. I will report back on whether these fit the bill or not.
  9. LONO100

    need help with leaf spring bushings

    Thanks for the reply. I may need to go to a shop like you did since I have tried to find bushings that are similar in diameter to the ones in the leafs right now, but not even Ford was sure that if they ordered the bushings for me at 200 bucks that they would fit.
  10. LONO100

    need help with leaf spring bushings

    Thanks for the reply, the bushing that are in the springs right now are just press fit into the leafs. I called Ford parts and service and they could not give me what the OEM bushings measure at. They said I would need to buy them first to find that out. They quoted me st 200 dollars for 2 bushings.
  11. LONO100

    Planning EF's 25th anniversary runs in 2021

    I can't quite commit to anything in 2021, especially given the State of the world right now, but if there is a push to put together a run near the Rubicon, I can at least suggest and give coordinates, and trail info on trails and runs that would be more forgiving for folks with vehicles that...
  12. LONO100

    she lives!

    Thanks, I was finally planning to do more overlanding trips into the Sierras and then this pandemic hit and so I decided to make lemonade out of lemons and work on my Trav while I'm stuck at home. I can't wait to get back in the dirt and post more trail reports and how to's.
  13. LONO100

    P2195 and P0135

    There is a 90 degree rubber elbow on a vacuum tube located near the oil filler neck. these often crack causing the lean code to trip. Look carefully, sometimes the crack is really hard to spot even when it's a big one. Good luck.
  14. LONO100

    Show Off Your Sport Trac!

    haven't posted in a while. here's my rig with my pups at the Donner Summit.
  15. LONO100

    need help with leaf spring bushings

    Hi all, I recently picked up a pretty nice set of leaf springs from the pick n pull to replace my old and sagging set on my Trac. I have a question for anyone who has replaced the leaf spring bushings on their springs. I pulled these leafs from an 03 trac, exactly like mine. When I ordered the...
  16. LONO100

    she lives!

    Hi all, I used to be a contributor to this forum a long time ago, but life happened, I had to take care of two sick parents who passed, a marriage, the birth of my son, and a career change has kept me from posting like I used to. Well since the pandemic has me stuck working from home, I figured...
  17. LONO100

    air bag light on, 1-2 blink sequence

    hi all, my air bag light recently came on, and the blimk sequence it throws is 1, pause, 2, then stays on.i have not been able to find anything on a 1-2 blink sequence. i checked the fuse, and the harness at the base of the seatbelt and everything checks out. anyone see this before? any help...
  18. LONO100

    Winter Time, 4x4 issue

    have you checked your tire tread? if any tire is worn down considerably more than the other tires, it will throw your drivetrain off and cause those clunky symptoms.
  19. LONO100

    Police Interceptor Utility Photo Thread

    i work for a tech company and we just added a legit 2018 police interceptor to our fleet for R&D purposes. we have taken it to lunch a few times and man is it quick! all kinds of secret levers and controls too.
  20. LONO100

    2005, Sport Trac, 2WD

    is your truck an automatic or manual transmission?
  21. LONO100

    old and new

    will do! thanks.
  22. LONO100

    old and new

    thanks, our JK is my wife's toy, no trade out, it's paid for and sees limited action unless we go up to the mountains or just driving it around town to run errands. it'll be my son's someday when he is old enough to drive.
  23. LONO100

    old and new

    hi all, im a long time member, but i havent been posting much due to life getting in the way, but im the owner of a 2003 sport trac that i love and have been providing walk throughs and threads documenting its build as well as learning so much more from this forum and all of its great members...
  24. LONO100

    What do you tow with your 5th gen. Explorer?

    My boat and trailer filled with gas and gear weigh in at approximately 3500 lbs amdy trac pulls it no problem.
  25. LONO100

    Cranking no start

    My money is also on the fuel pump. Get a fuel pressure gauge for about 20 bucks at harbor freight or autozone and hook up to the fuel rail. Or just have a friend turn the key to the on position while you have your ear up to the tank. You should hear the thing hum as it primes up if it is still...