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    1999 Explorer SOHC Stumble at Idle

    Clean the throttle body and the idle air control valve. Bet it's the a/c cycle your feeling because the iacv is having trouble stabilizing the idle speed as loads change.
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    A/C Problems

    The cycling is normal. If your blowing cold air and the pressures are good, then it's cycling to maintain the correct evaporator temperature. Perfectly normal.
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    abs light proplems

    Before you start throwing parts at it, or just taking things apart to clean, save yourself the time, money and energy and get it scanned. The code will tell you exactly where the problem is.
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    1998 explorer xlt 4.0, Had a bad valve seal, now loud on take off, lost power

    V6 SOHC - Well known for timing component failures, could possibly be your problem. If by chance he took the cam out, specials are needed to time it. If it's not timed correctly, it could run, but with a loss of power.
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    1998 explorer xlt 4.0, Had a bad valve seal, now loud on take off, lost power

    Which engine is in your truck? If you have the V8 you most likely have a cracked exhaust manifold.
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    No heat

    Let's clear something up. Do you indeed have heat but the temp gauge isn't working?
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    Coolant in brake system!

    ^^^This Brake fluid is hydroscopic (absorbers moisture) by nature. Flush the system and you should be good to go.
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    corrosion inhibitors without anti-freeze

    Antifreeze/Coolant needs to be in your cars cooling system. Antifreeze, as its referred to, increases the boiling point of water. If you use water, it will boil over. Just use the premix coolant.
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    Replaced camshaft Synchronizer and now no oil pressure and knocking.

    At 350,000 miles, go to a salvage yard, get a new pump drive shaft and put it in your engine. Leave the old rod down in your oil pan. If it runs and sounds good, just drive it...
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    Brake issue, possibly ABS related?

    If the caliper is leaking, replace it. Check the other front wheel speed sensor, make sure it's clean. They have a tendency to collect fine metallic dust.
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    How many miles has your Timing Chain Rattled

    That's probably why you get that slight rattle. That oil is liquid garbage. Blackstone labs oil analysis proves it over and over. Put something like Castrol or Mobil 1 if you choose synthetic. I had a start up rattle for 50,000 miles, never changed and was quiet while running. The truck...
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    Abs issue?

    This is a common issue, usually fixed by cleaning all the speed sensors. You have one on each front hub and one on the top of the rear diff. They tend to accumulate metallic dust (their magnetic) which interfers with the signal at slower wheel speeds, giving a false activation of the ABS.
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    Explorer Cruise Control Diagnosis Help

    Most likely it's the switch on the brake master cylinder. Very common failure item.
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    Is the 4WD on, when the engine is shut off?

    The transfer case is switched with an electric motor. Once you select 4 low, the transfer case will remain in 4 low until another signal to return to 2 high is provided. So yes, it will remain in 4 low until you select 2 high with the switch.
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    Monroe 58617 Shock + Pro Comp 13120 Leaf

    Get rid of those Racho-blows and toss a set of KYB's on the front end.
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    Ceramics? Not This Time.

    Wagner Thermo Quites are ceramic. Awesome pads, been running them in all my vehicles for years.
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    I have changed the tcc but converter won't lock

    Scan for engine codes, possible TPS problem. Transmission temp sensor could be open, any codes for that?
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    Suspension/Chassis Issue.. I think

    Check the sway bar end links too while your at it. Chances are, if the truck has been leaning for a long period, there shot too.
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    Ugh...Tranny problem or something

    P0713 - Trans fluid temp. Obviously it's not reporting the correct temperature and might be causing the odd behavior. Find and replace that sensor, it's probably accessible after dropping the pan.
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    Brake squeal

    I use Anti-Seize too, never had a problem.
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    New Valoline Full Synthetic High Milage

    How can you open up an oil thread in an automotive forum and not expect to get a huge range of opinions of what's best? Seriously.... Castrol GTX 10W-30, I've got upwards of a million miles logged with that crap with various engines with absolutely no oil leaks or mechanical engine problems...
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    Starts with starting fluid and continues to run on its own? Check the engine coolant temp sensor, make sure it's within spec cold.
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    Pricing to sell? Coming up with a price...

    I sold my 98 XLT with just over 100K miles on it for $4,000 bucks in 2013. Condition and the right marketing will get you a descent buck.
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    Door doesn’t hold. What is broken?

    The door check needs to be replaced. It's that arm that goes from the door to the post.
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    Rear cylinder burning a lot of oil - options

    Most likely a oil ring has failed. If it were the head, the point of failure would be the valve guide seal and that only smokes upon start up and clears once running. Your only option is to rebuild it.