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    Saying goodbye

    Well she didn't have a phone with her and she says she watched and heard it call 911 so I don't know what to tell you. Perhaps it synced up with someones phone in the other car? Regardless, it did it's job. Anyway, she now has a Kia Sorento and says she prefers it over the Explorer. I find the...
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    Saying goodbye

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted. My wife got in an accident last week and my 2011 Ex is totalled. I know that most people complain about MFT but I have never had any problems with it. In fact I am writing to tell about how great it has done. When the accident happened, the MFT...
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    U.S. Expands Probe Into Ford Explorers Over Carbon Monoxide Concerns

    Hope this guy wins his suit. http://www.katc.com/story/36027785/henderson-police-officer-sues-ford-over-carbon-monoxide-poisoning
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    Water Leak

    Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I fixed the leak myself by passing silicone on the grommet and reinserting it back in the hole. So far so good. It is a common problem but has many causes, and you can even find videos on youtube showing all the leaks that are known on the Explorers...
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    Water Leak

    Possible, but with everyone having leaks one never knows until it's found. My 2011 just turned 6 years old May 25th. We have never had the leak problem until two days ago. My wife came to me cursing because water was running down the seat belt by the rear hatch on the drivers side during a heavy...
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    Explorer Carbon Monoxide CO Detector Install

    I'll help him out Peter. https://www.kane.co.uk/knowledge-centre/what-are-safe-levels-of-co-and-co2-in-rooms
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    Bad or Burnt Exhaust smell in cabin during hard acceleration.

    Maybe now that the "smell" has almost killed a police officer, something might get done about this for those of you that have the problem. The Henderson police dept had complained about the smell to Ford ever since getting their P.I.'s. These are 2016 models. My 2011 still does not have this...
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    I Got Lucky The Second Time...The Ford Store San Leandro, CA

    Totally agree with that statement. I have seen terrible dealerships and some great dealerships. The terrible ones don't last very long before closing the doors. That being said, the OP here got royally screwed on that repair job.
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    2016 Explorer Throttle Body Problems

    Wow!! I wish I could see that far into the future!
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    Window Side Vents / Deflectors

    Welcome to the forum. You might have done like a few others and installed your in-channel visors wrong. I will refer you to this thread - http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=317151&highlight=Vent+Visors Pay close attention to post #29 You should not be bypassing any safety...
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    Just WOW Ford....

    The same goes for other brands as well. It's not about longevity with the manufactures anymore - it's about how much dollars they can squeeze out of you.
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    Opinions are like a-holes.....everybody has one....lol! Your manual should have the service guidelines as when to change fluids. If you want folks personal opinions, as for mine, I have never changed brake fluid on any vehicle I have ever owned unless I had to change a master cylinder and that...
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    Is this an engine support of Ford Explorer 2013?

    That part is called an Engine Rear Support Insulator part #6068 on Fordparts.com. http://www.fordparts.com/Commerce/CatalogResults.aspx?y=2013&m=Ford&mo=Explorer#Search It's 32 US dollars. You could try fordparts or any of the forum vendors and see what their shipping rates are to outside the...
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    How many actually own an Explorer

    You are missing out on seeing how many are repeat explorer owners in your poll. There a quite a few here. Just a FYI. :)
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    Window Side Vents / Deflectors

    First off, Welcome to this forum! Using the forum's "Search" feature I found these threads on what you are looking for. http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=317151&highlight=Ventvisors http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=360794&highlight=Ventvisors The...
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    Looking at a used 2013 Sport

    Same as 613GT500 stated plus I would try to find out why the original owner got rid of it so soon. I also find that the asking price is kind of high, but hopefully you can work a deal with the dealership that you both are comfortable with. Good Luck!
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    1000 Mile Engine Break-In: How Critical?

    There are a few ways to break in a new/rebuilt motor. It matters not if one is NA or turbo charged, truck, motorcycle, or lawn mower, the procedures are the same. You will get many opinions on the proper way to achieve break in. Here are some good reads for you...
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    No Emblems?

    Welcome to the forum! I don't think your Explorer came from the factory without the emblems, but never know. There are a lot of people that remove the emblems/badges for what ever reason. Worst case is that your Explorer was previously rear ended and the place that repaired it did not put...
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    purchasing a 2016, rebate and pricing question

    Been here 2 years and you finally let yourself be known!! lol. Good to hear from you. I have heard of the "employee pricing plan" that Ford promotes every now and then but that usually only happens when sales are really sluggish. It's not much different than the xplan pricing and supposedly...
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    2012 Explorer Security System

    First off, Welcome to the Forum. Did they really remove the windshield with a sawsall?:eek: I just can not picture anybody actually doing that. I had the windshield on my 2011 replaced and they sure didn't use a sawsall. The first thing I would have done was call that glass company up and get...
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    Touch Up Paint Mismatch

    You seem all bent on solely blaming Ford/Motorcraft for your ebay purchase. Sorry, but YOU are the one that isn't understanding what everyone has been telling you. I'll repeat - Just because it says "Motorcraft" on the bottle doesn't mean that it's the real deal inside the bottle. There are lots...
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    Touch Up Paint Mismatch

    Just because it says "Motorcraft" on the bottle doesn't mean that it's the real deal inside the bottle. There are lots of known scammers on ebay selling knockoff products under the guise of the real thing. You did say you got it from ebay. Try some paint from a different source and see if it...
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    Rear Bumper Protectors

    Looks Good!! de KC5OAO
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    What colour/color is your Explorer?

    Guess I am the only unique one here. I doubt the color of my Ex will ever be available again.
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    Battery Life

    The OEM battery that was in my Ex was a BH-65-HH which is a 420 cca type 65 battery. Some Explorers have a BXL 59 which is a 540 cca battery. I have no idea why all the different batteries, but I know what was and now is in my Explorer.