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    02 Explorer, another starting problem thread.

    fixed my problem the rear converter was plugged solid removed 02 senser fired right up having it replaced saturday
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    2002x cranks no start

    i have a 02 EXPLORER HAD A NEW INTAKE PUT ON IT a new cam sensor also now it will just crank and crank but will not start i have 65 lbs of pressure and coils have fire if i spray a shot os starting fluid it will take off and run for a few seconds theft light blinks every 2 seconds as it should...
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    How to disable factory alarm?

    anybody know how to disable pats on a 2002 explorer
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    Solved Everything you wanted to know about PATS.

    my 02 has a theft light in the instrument panel and a indicator light that is visible threw the windshield on the dash above the panel
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    02 Explorer, another starting problem thread.

    on my 02 the 2 lines with red clips you have to unfasten then squeez together and push up it will only come up about 1/2 an inch max then wiggle the line a little and off they came now on the engine side mine has a latch kinda like a tool box pull down on the end farthest from the filter then...
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    02 Explorer, another starting problem thread.

    i am having same problem outta mine i m thinking cam sensor gonna replacer it this weekend and see what happens