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    Performance muffler

    you could always do the free thing and just loosen the connection from your cat to the muffler which will make it sound mean (good in theory but not recommended) or throw on some cheap cherry bombs from auto zone or a magnaflow muffler without a pipe. I chopped my pipe off right after the...
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    best way to pop a dent.

    harbor freight slide hammer- 20 dollars; 3M bondo kit- 20 dollars; can of spray paint- 5 dollars... knowledge- priceless.
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    adjust headlights on a sport trac?

    i threw some shims onto my pop's suburban last week; any scrap metal or wood you have will work; and that's even cheaper than the torsion twist and lazier too!
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    Don't take your buddies word for it..

    it just went from 6 to 12
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    Don't take your buddies word for it..

    i want it that color minus the chunks lol
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    Show us your custom bumpers!!

    this is a starting point for me
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    Don't take your buddies word for it..

    the mud machine. I can't wait till i paint her mat coyote tan :D
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    Hi lift jack question

    get a tow hitch and one of them smittybilt d ring receivers and boom high lift jack ready. its also a good jacking point if you have to say... rock your truck to the side because you thought a certain line up the mountain looked to easy for you to need to hop out and check.
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    Skid plate

    sweet squirrel catcher :p:
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    3/4 doors Not tube.

    i know this is a dead post but what do you guys do when it rains? i've seen the jeep safari doors before but i see no place for something like that to snap in
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    worst day ever!

    here are a couple of pics my buddy got me from his phone
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    worst day ever!

    i dont really have any pics of the damage but it bent my driver door out which is letting the rain in :) the side mirror broke and my rear bumper got twisted (due to my bro winching from it) it was at an OHV park but i literally saw no other vehicles besides Jeeps and Tacos. i didn't gas it...
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    worst day ever!

    So this past weekend I went to Hungry Valley with my brother and our roommate looking to have one of the best weekend of our lives cause it would consist of 4 wheeling, camping and tons of good food and drinks. Well in the middle of this glorious day i decided to try the stairs over in the...
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    i found a rear locker that id like to get, but i need some help

    imo i'd recommend buying from a website. I've noticed they mark up their prices quite often; unless the item is on sale. You can always find things cheaper on the web then from a specialty store.
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    I "officially" own my 2003 Sport Trac!!!! Paid it off last week.

    congrats. now don't go doing anything too crazy!
  16. D

    new antenna

    agree with the guy above me. AutoZone or PepBoys would have them for around ten buck. They Work good and keep out of the branches
  17. D

    Almost a serious electrical fire

  18. D

    New welder

    Iits hit and miss with those things. I know of many a 90 dollar paper weights coming from them. Luckily HF has a decent return policy.
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    33x12.5x15 tire teaser

    aww man that is sick!
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    how bad have you been ??

    55 in a 35; while not coming to a complete stop at a red light to turn, then burning out in front of the Cop who was beside me. He gave me a ticket and he knew my dad and had him give him a call. That was some B.S.
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    Wind noise- would window deflectors help?

    yeah tunes work too!
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    3" lift kit question

    agree with OffTrac, MidnightRebel7 and gbeals. it all comes down to the tires. I had the BL on it for about 2 months before getting tires and noticed no difference. But im not discouraging you from removing it, its your truck.
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    Wind noise- would window deflectors help?

    have you thought of replacing your weather stripping. it might be getting warped or cracked and the whistling noise is coming through that. thats my guess
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    Getting ready to paint...just some questions

    it should be just a couple of bolts; but yes you NEED to remove it
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    California Explorer Spottings

    I can bounce him outta here if called upon!!