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    Considering a 96 Explorer XLT

    My 93 had the same engine and it was noisy. Had a ton of miles on it and was going strong. Wish I still had it.
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    '94 explorer erratic idle, changing RPM at random

    Just keep whittling the codes down. Have to get those fixed first.
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    Do all first generations use the same blower motor resistor?

    I don't know for sure if they are the same part but O'reilly's website shows the same part for 91 and 94's for the resistor.
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    Crisis - car wont start after a pit stop.....

    I'd start with a NAPA or O'reilly and ask them to test the charging system. Might find a problem. I'd thoroughly clean the battery terminals and cables till shiny and put some Permatex anti-corrosive on them. I'd check battery water level. You could pull the battery in the parking lot at Napa...
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    Considering a 96 Explorer XLT

    I'm thinking about buying a 96 4x4 Explorer with a manual transmission. Haven't had a chance to drive it yet but it looks good from the outside. Was wondering if there was anything to be leary of or watch for on that year of Explorer? As far as I can research it sounds like it should...
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    need help finding alignment cam part #

    They make adjustable bushings that can adjust camber and caster. Think Schucks/Napa sell them. Those might work out for you.
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    front pumpkin leak question

    Front differential in a part time 4wd is only used when you engage 4wd. I'd definetly use the leak as a price negotiation point.
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    Rust and shock suggestions

    These look nice!
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    Rust and shock suggestions

    Depends what you want to spend and are you going to put a suspension lift on it? If you are putting a suspension lift I would get shocks sized to the lift. Monotube shocks are better than the standard type ones. Bilstiens are good shocks. There are other brands that are good also. Monroe...
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    Putting on a 3 inch body lift.

    Can't quite remember how I did it but some large washers and lock nuts should be fine. Get some grade 5 stuff and you're good to go. Check out a place like Fasteners or such. They usually have a good selection and won't break the bank.
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    hubs are still not working.

    Is the front drive shaft turning? That's where I'd start. Could block all the tires and see what's going on.
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    front pumpkin leak question

    Since it's the front axle you can drive around in 2wd without worrying about it. If it's a pinion leak I'd honestly just top it off and keep driving until you get the time to tear into the front end.
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    When to check oil??

    Just checking it and putting oil in is the important part. Oil is the life blood of the engine.
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    Driver's window stopped going up/down.

    What year is your Explorer? I got a little lost in the thread. Inside the drivers side door mounted to the panel is a black box that controls the window or windows somehow. You might want to grab a junk yard part and swap it out. See if it's the problem.
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    94 ex overheating issues

    Does the fan spin up? You might try a aftermarket temp gauge. Might be that the stock one is off. Or pick up a new temp sensor. Could swap in a junkyard sensor and see what happes.
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    Putting on a 3 inch body lift.

    Be very careful putting the new lift pieces in. You should put a block in when you have your hand in there putting it in place. If it comes off the jack you lose your hand.
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    Going Insane...94 Explorer Loss of power

    How about the EGR? That can make it drive poorly. Could toss a junk yard one on and see.
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    Rear passenger door

    Door stuff is not my specialty but someone here will know about it!
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    92 explorer v6 manual problem

    You might consider just replacing the tranny with a junk yard one. Find a nice later model M50D. Another guy put a HD one in his with some modification. Sounded pretty slick.
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    92 explorer v6 manual problem

    You might try draining and replacing the fluid again. Might have been some debris in it? Does the sound occur at all speeds?
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    93 explorer idles rough and surges help please

    Does your check engine light come on? I'd start there. Take a look at the EGR on it also. I haven't monkeyed with a Explorer one yet but my GF's car had a bad one that made the idle and low end poor.
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    My front hubs are not working.

    Are all the parts present? The plastic keyed, teathed part? Nothing broken inside the hub? They should work then. If you don't mind me asking how do you know they aren't working?
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    looking to lift 94 xlt

    I'd take the door panels off and try to fix them if they aren't to bad. I epoxied my panel on the inside and the door handles are nice and tight now. You can get larger quantities of epoxy at a model airplane store. I went through like 3-4 tubes from Home Depot. Seal all the seems really good...
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    Snowball 94 Limited

    I'd probably go 30's as you'll change your gear ratio less and not rub on the fender wells like you will with the 31's. Make sure there aren't any check engine lights, if so fix them. I'd change out all the fluids, tranny, transfer, diffs. If the plugs are old I'd do plugs and wires. New air...
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    Putting on a 3 inch body lift.

    I had to put some stacks of washers on my bolts when I put them in for the body lift. Can't remember which ones. Think the back ones. You have to use the steering extension. You have to drop the fan shroud. Think there's two screws on top holding it in. Maybe something on the bottom. Put...