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  1. mrnavy2

    How to: Explorer LED Interior swap + Puddle Lamps DIY

    I know they are easy to install. I have the LED BULB and can replace them myself yes, very easy to install. I did it on my 13Ex I will probably do it this weekend. I purchased a package of LED BULBS from a place in China. I got like 20 different size LED BULBS from them for like...
  2. mrnavy2

    How to: Explorer LED Interior swap + Puddle Lamps DIY

    To me on my 18Ex looks like they are incandescent. I plan to also change mine. There is a way to open them up. put it in the microwave for about 5 or 10 seconds it will melt the glue and then u can open itbuo and replace the bulb. I just have not done my yet on my 18. I did it on...
  3. mrnavy2

    2013 FOB Key Reprogram

    My question is that i have my old FOB KEY programed to my old 13Ex can it be reprogrammed to another 13Ex? Thanks Steve.
  4. mrnavy2

    '17 Sport SYNC3 Update - download request?

    My 18 has 3.0 for SYNC 3. does that make sense to you ?
  5. mrnavy2

    2018 Explorer Puddle Lights

    I did mine on my 13Explorer myself. Very simple to replace the buld also if u know what u are doing. Thanks everyone for the infomation. Very good help on this Fourm.
  6. mrnavy2

    '17 Sport SYNC3 Update - download request?

    No, i do not have the 13. I throught i removed it already. is it still showing? Thanks for the quick response.
  7. mrnavy2

    '17 Sport SYNC3 Update - download request?

    Hey all, i just purchased a 2018 Explorer XLT. How do i know what version I have on my Sync 3 and how do i download a update? Thanks Steve.
  8. mrnavy2

    2018 Explorer Puddle Lights

    Do the 2018 Explorer Come With LED Puddle light bulds or are they just the regular light bulds?
  9. mrnavy2

    Just picked up a 2018 Explorer XLT with Sport Package. Big improvement from my 2013

    Just picked up a 2018 Explorer XLT with Sport Package. Big improvement from my 2013
  10. mrnavy2

    Rearview Camera Problems

    Well it looks easy to install of i purchased the camera off of EBAY. But i did have the insurance and it was less expensive if i use my repair insurance, i only had to use my deductable which was 100.00 for the camera, and being installed total was 876.00 Good luck with yours and keep us up...
  11. mrnavy2

    Rearview Camera Problems

    This is what problem i had on my 2013 Ex Linited. When i checked with my Service Rep who knows his stuff, he said it was the camera and needed to be replace Well i just got back from having a New Camera installed. Works fine now and thank you god for making me get Insurance for repairs
  12. mrnavy2

    How to: 2011+ Grille Removal with pictures

    I want to also do mine and the 2 chrome strips
  13. mrnavy2

    Is this tire still patchable?

    Oh yes, they did all 4 tires 1,2,3,4 done happy customer
  14. mrnavy2

    Is this tire still patchable?

    I kinda had a problem with car dealer and a few other well known tire places here in NJ I wanted 4 used tires mounted on my wheels and put on my EX i was told by all of them that its a libility problem and they will not do it, ALL were willing to sell me new tires Same day i found a...
  15. mrnavy2

    2016 Explorer LED Fog Lights option??

    I have a 13 EX and want to upgrade my fogs to LED Anyone have any recommendation? Thanks Steve
  16. mrnavy2

    2013 Explorer Wouldn't Start

    4 1/2 years old + problem starting + winter comming = new battery just my opinion
  17. mrnavy2

    Extending Radio Play in Acc Posistion

    This is very interesting i need to tried ot today
  18. mrnavy2

    Speedometer calibration procedure

    Peter, i got the same i purchased used tire, wheel, and cap for 100 per i am looking forward to put them on soon
  19. mrnavy2

    Speedometer calibration procedure

    I plan to put my Police Intercept wheels on this sept or oct i have a tux black color Ex so i am hoping it will look good
  20. mrnavy2

    Plasti Dipped Wheels

    What brand or what kind of PD to use? Or is there only 1 kind? Is it best to purchase off EBAY or at PepBoys or some place like that? Thanks Steve
  21. mrnavy2

    Speedometer calibration procedure

    What is the name of the apps you are talking about using your phone? Thanks
  22. mrnavy2

    Programming duplicate/extra key

    Peter, ok and thanks i will try it again on my 13 Ex Fingers crossed Steve
  23. mrnavy2

    purchasing husky liners

    I agree with djlove go directly to the manufactor
  24. mrnavy2

    Speedometer calibration procedure

    Thats a great question this winter i will be going from a 20 inch to 18 inch tires I would also like to know