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  1. poker4me007

    Looking to get some New rims, Need some help.

    Thanks Guys, I'll keep shopping around.
  2. poker4me007

    Looking to get some New rims, Need some help.

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking to replace my old rims with some new ones that don't cost a fortune. As you can see in the pic. mine look pretty beat up. They look okay from a distance but not up close. I found these at a pretty good price, but their website says they're not a fit for my Explorer. The...
  3. poker4me007

    Ford Explorer cold start

    Cold! :eek: I wonder what the oil pressure was at start-up?
  4. poker4me007

    Ordered pillar covers ...anybody have these

    Those look nice, can't wait to see your before and after pics. I'm curious to see how they look and what you think of them.
  5. poker4me007

    How many miles on your 2ND GEN EX?

    Very Impressive!👍
  6. poker4me007

    Control arm bolt, 2000 explorer EB

    It may take a while but not 5 hours, can you post a pic.? It shouldn't take that long.
  7. poker4me007

    Need confirmed spec for fuel pressure -SOLVED ! !! ! ! ('95 4.0 ohv)

    Glad you figured it out and thanks for letting us know.👍
  8. poker4me007

    Exhaust Leak: Donut Gasket Fix?

    I It might, here in Ma. those bolts would be so corroded that you would need a torch to get them off.
  9. poker4me007

    Slight play in passenger side radius/control arm?

    That's your upper control arm, all bolts should be tight and there really shouldn't be any movement with one wheel is lifted off the ground. If you have a little play it might be because of the loose bolt or worn bushings, ball joints, tie rods, etc.. Note: If you have both front wheels off the...
  10. poker4me007

    Exhaust Leak: Donut Gasket Fix?

    I assume you're asking about your 98 explorer. Using your pic. here's where the gasket should and shouldn't be.
  11. poker4me007

    Bleed slave cylinder with pneumatic brake bleeder?

    You can gravity bleed the slave cylinder, that's no problem. But the problem is usually in the clutch master cylinder (stupid design) it's mounted at an upward angle and the air gets trapped on the top where the cheap plastic master cylinder plunger is, and no way to push it out without removing...
  12. poker4me007

    Need confirmed spec for fuel pressure -SOLVED ! !! ! ! ('95 4.0 ohv)

    Thanks for the update, Let us know if the fuel pump helps.
  13. poker4me007

    How to: The Comprehensive Brown Wire Mod Thread

    Well first off I don't know if this mod would apply to your 04 Explorer in your sig. Second it would kill your battery, plus the purpose of this mod is to be able to disconnect the power going to your transfer case allowing you to have 2 wheel low. You don't need to put direct current to the...
  14. poker4me007

    Need confirmed spec for fuel pressure -SOLVED ! !! ! ! ('95 4.0 ohv)

    Let us know when you fix the problem, and what it was.
  15. poker4me007

    Need confirmed spec for fuel pressure -SOLVED ! !! ! ! ('95 4.0 ohv)

    Here's a video I made of mine a year ago 97 4.0 ohv., mine runs about 29psi also. My Haynes manual says 30 to 45psi, vacuum detached 40 to 50psi Start at the 5min. mark.
  16. poker4me007

    Part number / provider of PCV elbow for 4.0 ohv

    RockAuto has them.
  17. poker4me007

    ECT replacement 1996 Explorer 4.0 OHV

    Drain out some of your coolant maybe a gallon or so before you take out the old sensor. Most if not all new temp sensors will come with sealant on the threads, if not, I'd use some teflon tape on the threads. And what ever you do don't over tighten the sensor.
  18. poker4me007

    Downstream O2 sensor bypass???

    I think if you plugged it in and wrapped it in tape air tight and bag tie it out of the way the light may stay off. As long as you have a working cat, I don't see any harm in that.
  19. poker4me007

    Attach fuel pressure gauge. Adapter needed? How? Tricks?

    Some kits have a valve in the hose. Sounds like you might have a valve in the Hose, or not the right hose going to the valve.
  20. poker4me007

    i'm stuck and pulling my hair out p0171 and p0174

    No rtv needed. Just keep it clean.
  21. poker4me007

    99 Mountaineer 5.0 running hotter than normal??

    Are You losing any coolant? Could be a few things, since you said you replaced it last fall could be a defective fan clutch, once it gets hot turn off the engine and see if the fan spins freely or has some resistance, it should have some resistance. At that temp your fan clutch should be running...
  22. poker4me007

    Fuel ?????

    Swap out the fuel relay with a know good one. If your not getting any fuel odds are it's the pump.
  23. poker4me007

    Explorer Specs.

    Try these site's you'll get some info on your truck.
  24. poker4me007

    Crooked torsion bar bolt?

    If you need the adjusting nut, this may fit, might want to give them a call to make sure. Good Luck! Click here torsion bar adjusting nut
  25. poker4me007

    Crooked torsion bar bolt?

    Definitely look's crooked to me. Look's like the driver's side, I'd jack it up till the tires of the ground and loosen adjusting bolt, count the turns, then use a puller to straighten the keeper. Check out the video.