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    Leaky rear diff drain plugs?

    Thanks for your help all- I hadn't added the extra 8 oz, but I don't think my Haynes recommended that. I'll ask at the dealership when I pick up new fluid.
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    Solenoid pack help

    I 'thought' I had solenoid pack issues many moons ago: delayed 2-3 shift, 5-10 seconds to drop into reverse, and a CEL. 6 hours later, covered in ATF, new solenoid pack... same issues. Ended up with a bad-subharness that need to be dealer diagnosed...
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    Leaky rear diff drain plugs?

    Hello all! Long time since I've been around these parts but I've got a new query for y'all! I swapped the fluids in both diffs about a year ago and I've developed a slow weep at BOTH the drain and fill plugs on the rear diff cover. Like 4-5 drips a week (tells ya how often she get's...
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    Vent control issue - only dash/floor or defrost/floor

    You're looking at the linkage on the actuator in the center of the photo. Here's you'll see the new actuator arm that I 3d printed and glued on... (has kinda a cross-hatch pattern facing the camera)
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    Vent control issue - only dash/floor or defrost/floor

    I recently fixed a problem similar to this. If memory serves one of your actuators isn't functioning in the dash. Empty then lower your glove box. Crouched beside the truck looking up thru the open glove box toward the center of the truck you'll see several small silver vacuum actuators. I...
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    Front wheel bearing ... Maybe??

    Hello all- Long time not so many posts up here, but I guess it's about time... SO... my '04 has developed noise / drone / coming from the drivers front tire area. Pretty darn loud, especailly loud when turning left, gets quiet if i take my hand totally off the wheel and let it 'center'...
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    input related to lousy dealer service...

    Just got a call back from the dealer's owner. He started they'd fix it, and he apoligized for my inconvience. Nothing was offered to demonstrate that the service department is competent, caring, or deserves my further business. The owner didn't even mention reimbursing me for the tow...
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    input related to lousy dealer service...

    Hello all- Let me kick this off by saying I'm a die-hard Ford guy. The last three vehicles that I've purchased have been V8 Fords: 00 gran marquis, 04 explorer, 12 mustang gt. BUT my local dealer service over the past 5 years has been lousy turning to dangerous. In general, I don't use...
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    Regearing the front differential - possible solution

    I'm seeing some data that says the Dana Super 30 in the front of our trucks has a carrier break at 3:55/3:73. I plan on going from 3:55's to 4:10's, do I need to replace the front carrier???
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    Explorer hood modifications!

    Hey guys, there's no sense at all in ragging on somebody about thier modification descision to THEIR truck. It's all personal taste. I've met plenty of people who don't understand my lifted and BFG'd truck. My ex didn't get it at all (perhaps there's somethign in that eeh?) "you took...
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    American Racing Ford center caps? Maybe?

    I think center caps are sorta generic, especially if they retained with a bolt and a backing plate. If you measure the diameter of that cap, you may be able to find an option you like more out on the wonderful world of eaby...
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    Ocean Pacific's 4x4

    Hrm... If you guys are wheeling in San Bernadino, I'm just a stone's throw away in Ridgecrest. I think I could be convinced to come and play some weekend. My Explorer's been feeling neglected lately, that miata is a highly addictive toy :help:
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    5R55 with new solenoid block ... now throwing a code

    I replaced the solenoid block in the transmission of my 120k mile '04 explorer this afternoon (first time it's had trans work other than flushes in the 100k miles it's been in my family). Now upon restart, my O/D light is flashing and my check engine light is on. Symptoms before replacement...
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    Educate me on diesel '00 F250s please

    Additions: Did i mention his excitement at "I finally get a truck!". Therefore we're talking full-sized trucks here. Not Rangers or Sporttracs, I already brought up that point and it went down in flames... Fuel Costs: Regular unleaded = $2.97 E85 = $2.79 Diesel = $3.39
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    Educate me on diesel '00 F250s please

    Hello all- I'm looking for a couple pointers / tips / and opinions on a vehicle purchase here. My father is in the market to replace his 160k mile altima (which has been a fabulous car). It’s sounding like he’s finally got his ticket punched to buy a truck, a “real truck!” He commutes 75...
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    Poll: Is the 3rd Gen Section more on-road or off-road

    Oh crippity-crap then... I voted wrong. I'm thinkning that 65-75% of the posts in this forum are about off-roadish stuff...
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    Poll: Is the 3rd Gen Section more on-road or off-road

    Sorry ya'll I voted on-road. I'm sporting a lifted '04. But... I think these truck were designed with an on-road lifestyle in mind. Srsly. They ride GREAT on the highway and get pretty decent mileage considering they're size. Sure they were designed to pass all the ford truck...
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    New Rubber

    Well done Fedy. Looks real sharp.
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    No more spacers for me.

    hrmmm... Very interesting girls and boys. I was brandon's guinee pig for the spacers about 8k miles ago. Everything seems to be holding up fine on my truck. I don't really "off-road" that hard, mostly I roam around on fire-roads and jeep trail out here. The roads in the city I live in are...
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    Spare Tire 03

    I have a 265/75 BFG All Terrain under my truck also. I do have a lift installed. You only lose ~1" of ground clearance...
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    265 section width. Why do you want to go wider and not increase diameter?? You'll just loose gas mileage... no offroading benefits and no noticable handling gains...
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    The Big Run: Truckhaven Oct. 23-24th 2010

    Bad news bears. This week's rain has pushed a test of mine to the right... right into the weekend that is. I'll be working on Saturday. Sorry guys and gals...
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    New Member

    Nice to meet ya Mr. Beetle. We'll certainly help the best that we can.
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    Odd squeaking all of a sudden...

    There are about a hundred things in your suspension / chassis that could be squeaking. Is it a metallic squeak (kinda ringing) or rubber on metal (kinda a chirp)?? I suggest that you grab a friend and a can of white lithium grease. Have a friend rock the car while you crawl around and locate...
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    something new....turbo Fiero?

    I had a college buddy with a with the supercharged 3.8 out of a Pontiac GTP in and '86. When it was running on all 6 cylinders it was stupid fast. Looked like cr*p, but very very quick. That pullied 3.8 sitting 1 foot fron your head sounded amazing. I think Blane ended up putting 3 engines in...