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    Seabeck 4x4 00' 4x4 Ranger Prerunner

    this is one of the sickest rangers ive ever seen. Nice work on the suspension. I like the tire carrier, i need a ranger!!
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    Could bad DPFE + Bad rear catalytic cause engine to die?

    i would say check the egr system for either leaks or clogged passageways. A clogged cat would cause some severe drivability problems that you would notice almost like a truck jake brake or a loss of power. Ford always wants alot of money for their cats, thats why they put 4 to 6 cats on every...
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    Seabeck 4x4 00' 4x4 Ranger Prerunner

    this thing is so sick:cool:
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    glasspacking 94 Explorer

    I know that the CherryBomb one has the louvers which if you mount it on backwards it makes more sound. The Thrush one has just holes in it that dont matter which way you mount it. Its like the inside of one of those glasspack tips that you can get from autozone just holes without much restriction.
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    glasspacking 94 Explorer

    I have a glasspack on my Honda, its alright being a 4 cylinder and i can tell you that you do lose some low end power, Hondas run at higher rpm's anyways so it doesnt really matter to me. I have a Thrush Glasspack and i like it but i have no idea how it would sound on a 6 cyclinder. You could...
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    My Swingout Tire carrier

    that thing looks sweet. You are going to have alot of fans with this.
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    Seabeck 4x4 00' 4x4 Ranger Prerunner

    This build is looking awesome:thumbsup::D
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    explorer capabilities

    Do what you want. I personally think that if an Explorer had a 4in lift against a 4in lifted Jeep they would actually be fairly comparable. Obviously the solid front axle of the jeep can get better flex and handle rock crawling alot better but the Explorer can do some really rough trails too. If...
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    '98 Moutaineer 5.0 - AWD not working

    what if this mans truck has a Brown Wire Mod in it? And all he needs to do is find the switch;)
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    i love when people vandalize my truck

    take a look under it. Make sure no bombs are planted:cool:
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    i love when people vandalize my truck

    that is not the best way to start your morning off. But i suppose it could have been worse, like having your truck keyed or smashed windows. So i guess that is the bright side of your vandalism:)
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    Explorer misfiring.

    it is possible for the injectors to be dirty and that could be causing your problem. You should also check your water level because i had the same problem of misfiring cylinders on one side of my engine and it turned out to be a blown head gasket. But hopefully for you it is just the injectors...
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    Change Door Code?

    ya i will have to ask her i guess. thanks for the help
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    Change Door Code?

    thanks, that helps out alot. I just wish it had pictures but i will figure it out i guess. She just broke up with her tool boyfriend and he knows the code and she doesnt want him to touch her stuff or do any silly business.
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    Change Door Code?

    How do i change the code for the keyless entry on my friends 3rd gen doors? I forget what they are called, (the numbers by the handle of the drivers door)
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    The best Shocks for smooth driving

    the torsion bars do play a role. YOu can crank them down a little to soften it but you will also lower the front height in doing this. Shocks are the main thing that you will notice in ride quality and comfort
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    My First Explorer, 1994 Limited

    i love how your first pics of the truck have fog lights and then when you go wheeling the lights just seem to disappear from the bumper. Did you take them out purposly or did you lose them wheeling?
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    No Antifreeze & Rough Idle

    how many miles are on this x? If there is no sign of water or antifreeze on the ground there could be many things causing this. Look at the radiator hose connectors and see if there is any leaks. There is a possibility that the water is going into the intake manifold through the gaskets and it...
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    93 A4LD and 95 and 99 trans question

    well i know that the trans from the 95 is a 5r55e trans and chances are that they wont be identical. I am not the expert but most likely it would not work. But hey dont go by me wait for some one else from this forum to respond that has some real knoledge about this.
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    HID headlights on 2003 Explorer, need anything?

    ok keep us posted. What kind did you get? Bi-Xenon?
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    help, terrible gas mileage

    ya it could be the O2's or maybe a bad cat that is clogged or restricted causing less power
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    help, terrible gas mileage

    any CEL light? Any loss in power? I had a significant decrease in mpgs and i was because of a head casket leak which was causing a compression loss and a missfire. I would suggest getting the codes read even if the engine light is not on.... oh ya do you drive with a lead foot or just normal?
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    HID headlights on 2003 Explorer, need anything?

    Does anyone have pics of this kit in their X now? So this kit basically runs off of the stock headlight assembly without the fish eye type of projector housing?
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    Is it even worth it?

    i was in your shoes once and trust me, get rid of it if you dont have the money or the patience. For every little thing that happens adds up to the big problem that is about to come. I ditched my 2000 Explorer and got a trade in for $2000. I bought a Honda CRV instead with 47,000 miles on it and...
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    1996 Explorer Coolant Gauge Fluctuating and PO171 and PO174!

    i had the same thing. Replaced intake gaskets and cleaned the MAF sensor (4 times!). Found out that i did have a blown head gasket. It was not a fast lose but it made my truck misfire like crazy. I am just getting rid of mine becuase i really do not want to deal with it. I hope your problem is...