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  1. J

    1999 Explorer Sport 4.0 SOHC Auto to Manual swap

    To follow up with my recent spam of posts I've been considering this swap since I got my X. I would like to hear from others about what they did and the parts used and the budget and time frame and any complications they came across. I know I need a transmission pedal assembly master and slave...
  2. J

    12v outlet/cigarette lighter not working

    Ok folks I replaced fuse 17 earlier today I plugged in my LEDs and voila they turned on Thanks to everyone who helped and I hope this thread can help anyone else who has the same problem
  3. J

    12v outlet/cigarette lighter not working

    Actually you aren't wrong about the breaking around the actual outlet there are two fractures that are about an inch long and go towards the wheel what i can only assume is from the previous owners brutish effort to plug something into it (the previous owner was rough on this poor thing but I'm...
  4. J

    1999 Ford Explorer Sport TO DYNAMAT OR NOT TO DYNAMAT

    I swear I'm only on here when its past midnight:rolleyes:
  5. J

    1999 Ford Explorer Sport TO DYNAMAT OR NOT TO DYNAMAT

    Here I go again with my stupid posts. The title pretty much covers my question should I actually go through with Dynamat-ing or using another sound deadener on my X to both A. Keep my music in my vehicle and B. To keep road noise out (Also C I cut my muffler off like the 17 year old boi I am but...
  6. J


  7. J

    12v outlet/cigarette lighter not working

    Thank you so much I'll get out tomorrow with a test light and check out the fuses and again THANK YOU
  8. J

    12v outlet/cigarette lighter not working

    Sup dudes and dudettes I've had this problem where i go to plug in something (phone charger, gps, led lights, etc.) into my 12v outlet on my radio bezel and it does nothing at all same goes for the one hidden behind that little door in the passenger footwell. For my lights I used the ground for...
  9. J

    Gen II Explorer 5.0 4wd 5 Speed

    Hey fellow X owners I was just wondering if there were any Explorers that have the 5.0l v8 with 4wd (not awd) and a 5 speed transmission stock. I'll take a 5 door cause the 3 doors dont have v8s as far as I'm aware, but anywho as long as it has a v8 and 5 speed stock I'll take it but I want that...
  10. J


  11. J

    99 Explorer Sport Automatic to Manual

    I'd rather keep my engine because I just dropped 1500 on a new engine cause mine exploded and I couldn't get a different one around here
  12. J

    99 Explorer Sport Automatic to Manual

    I have the Sohc so I'll be getting the m5od-hd looks like And I wanted a 6 because I saw one forum about a guy swapped his tranny for a 6 speed from mustang and it had a 6th gear of I think .64 so it would be a great OD and give a pretty sweet boost to mpg
  13. J

    99 Explorer Sport Automatic to Manual

    Howdy folks I was wondering what transmission I could get to do the swap and what cuts or parts of my interior I would need to remove any links are appreciated to other threads or anything my only peve is that I don't want a 5 speed I need a 6 speed sorry I just prefer 6 speeds thanks again
  14. J

    1999 Explorer Sport Exhaust help

    Hello everyone this is my first post here so forgive me if I posted on the wrong area or something but I really need some popular advice about my exhaust system I have a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport 2dr with the 4.0 v6 and I wanted to know where in my exhaust system can I make a hole or a cut a pipe...