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    Strange ticking noise under load.

    I agree with Firefly1246, you really should drop the pan, and clean out all the bits. You will probably find plastic bits from the guides along with aluminum shavings. You should inspect the oil pump inlet for junk. As for the cover, do a search on A quick search shows a couple in...
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    Help! Engine rich and overheating intermittently!

    I am no expert, but I have had two of these vehicles with the 4.6l engine. The ticking sound could be the timing chains slapping around. The guides are plastic and a common failure point. The quickest way to check them is to remove the valve covers. You can look down the chains and look at the...
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    using 4 pin connector for extra brake light

    On the 4 pin connector, there is a right turn signal, a left turn signal, ground, and a tail light / marker light wires. Everything you ever wanted to know about trailer wiring can be found at Trailer Wiring Diagrams |
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    2003 Explorer squeal with right turns only (sounds like brakes)

    You should check the wheel bearings, a common problem on these older explorers. Plenty of write ups on the forums about how to do them, but the rear bearings need a large press to remove and install the bearing.
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    2004 explorer differential type

    Look at this discussion on the Modified 2002 - 2005 explorers. Regearing the front differential - possible solution
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    Understanding 4x4 Operation NonOperation 2002 XLT

    You might want to take a look at this post from a while back. 2002 4x4 issues
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    Understanding 4x4 Operation NonOperation 2002 XLT

    Your explorer has a Borg Warner 4411 transfer case. It has an electric shift motor to engage the High/Low range and an electric clutch to engage the front drive shaft. here is an article that gives some info. You should check the fuses to see if the...
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    Strange ticking noise under load.

    The timing chain guides are plastic and known to fail. At 175K miles, it is a good bet that the guides need to be replaced. The SOHC 4.6l V8 doesn't have cam phasers. The Cam sprockets are keyed to the camshafts with no real adjustment. There have been a number of write ups on this forum about...
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    Fuel tank needed for my 2005 Explorer

    Mbrooks420, that listing is for a Dorman X576-049. Dorman lists that tank as for a 2000 Ford Explorer 2-door, not for a 2005 4-door Explorer. Dorman does not make a tank for the 2002-2005 third generation Explorers. The Ford part number is 4L2Z-9002-CC. and both...
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    Fuel tank needed for my 2005 Explorer

    The only fuel tank I could fine listed on the internet was from 2005 Ford Explorer XLT Fuel tank | Ford OEM Part Number 4L2Z-9002-CC $1,035.15 There may be other ones out there, but a quick search on the internet didn't find them. A new tank is going to be expensive. Best of luck with this.
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    Fuel tank needed for my 2005 Explorer

    The cheapest place would probably be a salvage yard. You could try " Auto Parts Market" to search for a used one near you. If you are replacing the tank, you might want to think about a new fuel pump while you are at it.
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    Where To Get Rear Wheel Bearing Replaced at a Decent Price?

    In order to replace the bearings in the knuckle, you need a large press. I have done these with a 12 ton HarborFreight press and it was barely able to do the job. A 20 Ton press is really needed. HarborFreight lists it at $185. If you want a press, this makes a great excuse to spend the money...
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    2002 mountaineer- battery drain

    For the side doors, spaying a little WD40 into the lock mechanism often will free up a stuck door sensor switch.
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    Can't get front CV axle in.

    You might need to remove the tie rod from the knuckle so you can move the knuckle farther. Then try to put the CV into the front diff. after you should be able to bend the outer CV enough to work it into the knuckle.
  15. IMAG1638


    Support bar for positions the heads.
  16. IMAG1640


  17. IMAG1642


    Support bar for positioning the heads
  18. IMG_0006


    Helicoil repair of the crankshaft threads for the harmonic balance pulley bolt.
  19. IMG_0012


    Re-timing the engine after replacing the heads
  20. IMG_0013


    Re-timing the engine after replacing the heads
  21. IMG_0015


    Re-timing the engine after replacing the heads. The green paint helped me see the mark easier!
  22. ENgine_Work


    Replace heads on 44.6l V8
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    2002 Mountaineer 4.6l V8 replaced the Heads.

    Last weekend I finally finished replacing the heads on my old 2002 Mountaineer 4.6l V8. Late last summer the engine overheated. I figured out that the radiator was partially clogged and not letting enough water through. After the engine had cooled down, it started running rough.I found oil...
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    2004 4.5 timing chain guides -questions

    I have done two of these. The first time, it took me 18 hours, the second job was 12 hours, and I work slow. No need to remove the radiator, but you might want to tape a large piece of cardboard over it to save your knuckles and the fins. The power steering pump can be removed without removing...
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    Annoying vibration

    After you have changed the rear differential fluid, you can work the friction modifier into the clutch pack faster by taking the vehicle to a parking lot and drive slowly in circles. Turn the steering as far left as you can and drive at least 3 full circles, then repeat to the right. This will...