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  1. NYMount21

    Matt's Dropped 95Explorer

    yea man looks good. just gotta save up for some nice wheels and u'll b good to go!
  2. NYMount21

    $50 HID's!!!

    1. Don't worry about the $50, you might have been better off! I sold $39 kits/installs for a company for awhile. In at least 50% of the kits I sold, the lights would end up "flickering" for clients or have other strange, small problems. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that cheapest isn't...
  3. NYMount21

    EF's End of Summer Photo Contest

    The "SVT" Mounty Classic mounty pic, one of my favorites! 5.0 Love.... Boo.
  4. NYMount21

    anyone got pics of these rims

    theres an expedition with them in my town, i'll see if i can get a pic but no promises....
  5. NYMount21

    Hids in new york?

    Hey man, I live in Suffolk County, and they've never bothered me once.....seriously.....as long as they're not crazy bright to the point where they're out of control you'll b good. SO many people have them I wouldn't worry about it
  6. NYMount21

    Brainstorming needed - Angel Eye Replacement

    Not a bad idea, i'll have to look into that a little more. See what I mean, I never thought this would be so hard haha, thanks man
  7. NYMount21

    Brainstorming needed - Angel Eye Replacement

    Haha i'm honestly welcome to all ideas. I simply typed in "universal angel eyes" to Google to see what would come up and I found them for $5.99 a piece. Figured if I couldn't use 'em they wouldn't be that big of a loss.... But yea lets definitely keep in touch, if you could make me a custom...
  8. NYMount21

    Brainstorming needed - Angel Eye Replacement

    bump, any ideas???
  9. NYMount21

    Brainstorming needed - Angel Eye Replacement

    :help: One thing that I have always loved about this site is the input/brainstorming from members in order to reach a solution to any one person's problems. My problem is this: I recently purchased a set of replacement "Angel Eye" L.E.D. rings for my fog lights. My fog lights look like this...
  10. NYMount21

    Vibration at high speed

    I'm not one to comment on the driveshaft possibility, but try getting your wheels balanced. Had a similar problem and this fixed it right up. The shop that did your alignment should be able to help you out with that, good luck!
  11. NYMount21

    Aldive passed away

    Rest in Peace Al, you were one of the first people to offer me advice and take the time to help me understand my truck's mechanics better. You will be greatly missed, and your knowledge will be too. My regards to your family, Mike
  12. NYMount21

    The Most DEFACED Ford Explorer EVER :(

    nothing says badass like spongebob.....i'll split it with you Jason haha
  13. NYMount21

    Best Tire Size, Cobra Wheels

    Looking good! I was lucky to find a Mounty at the time with the monotoned paint scheme, and I'm glad I took it! There definitely some people on here that have done that to Mounty's before, a black one comes to mind that you can find on CarDomain.com if I remember correctly. If you ever wanted...
  14. NYMount21

    Best Tire Size, Cobra Wheels

    These guys pretty much covered everything I was gonna add lol......I run 17 inch Cobra's with Toyo Proxes S/T 275's. Threw some very small spacers on (3/16 and 5/16) and i'm good. But yes I still do rub slightly when cranking the wheel all the way, but you get used to not doing it.... My...
  15. NYMount21

    Is This An Apple Fools Joke

    Pizza this year? It took me like 3 hours to figure out Ford was turning into "Ferd" lol, wowy wow
  16. NYMount21

    brighter headlights?

    did you try SUVlights.com like I mentioned? I have a kit from them and it worked great with my stock lights. I simply decided I wanted the almighty HID kit after awhile haha.....here's a link directly to the wiring harnesses section: http://suvlights.com/index.php?cPath=24_73
  17. NYMount21

    brighter headlights?

    I agree, check out SUVlights.com. An easy plug and play hookup for your stock system. However, I also second HID's. There are HID kits out there for as low as $50 at this point (the price for a set of Silverstars) off eBay that perform great, and HID's are better than any bulb you'll ever...
  18. NYMount21

    My '91 Explorer got a rotten egg smell sometimes

    I run 93 octane at all times and get that smell from pushing the mounty hard (like going really friggin fast lol) and I find that it comes when the engine has just worked very hard, but I never considered it a problem. My mechanic friend once told me it was just the result of the chemical...
  19. NYMount21

    huuuge explorer

    SWEET haha, that thing is massive. Do wait in traffic or just drive thru it haha?
  20. NYMount21

    Backup lights keep blowing fuses.

    Hey guys, just my luck I don't have my manual on me - but which number is the fuse for the reverse lights? Is it number 27 like you said MBrooks420 or were you referring to the OD? thanks!
  21. NYMount21

    X might be down for the count :(

    Hey idk how big your town is but if he had a sand spreader, theres a damn good chance he has a contract with your town's highway dept. cuz not just anyone can go around dropping sand. Maybe check with them and maybe you can identify the vehicle?? Just a thought, I just hate situtations like this...
  22. NYMount21

    Just Fogs On

    sorry no luck