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    Why the tiny "cup holder" in front center console?

    good place to put shot glasses! :p :drunk:
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    Water pump replacement parts list

    Luckily, the Ford tech noticed water leak and informed me. It cost me $40 for replacing water pump. whew. Thank goodness for ESP
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    Newbie Question: Towing a Popup Camper

    almost. It includes one driver, load and weight of trailer. I tow 3600# popup without any issues.
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    Newbie Question: Towing a Popup Camper

    its GCVWR that include passengers, trailer and load. GVWR only focus on how heavy can be towed.
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    Newbie Question: Towing a Popup Camper

    from reading handbook, even though you add DIY tow package, the max tow would still be at 2000 lbs, not 5,000 lbs with factory installed tow package. The radiator would need to be replaced with the thicker radiator, the tow button would need to be installed which would move the Max tow weight...
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    Is there another recall for defective airbags?

    I did not read the news but just the title... said that Ford vehicles are being recalled for defective airbags. Does this this include Explorers?
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    2020 Explorer

    what are the standard base features if anyone know?
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    How tough are these rigs?

    my 2014 Explorer XLT is much better than my old 99 Explorer Sport with 4.0 engine. the transmission gave out twice. The 2014 pull same popup with ease than the old explorer.
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    Lucked out on a triple whammy

    ahhh didnt know about renew ESP!!! Looks like I will renew ESP soon. I am at 103,000 miles at the moment. Any advice? cost? who do I talk to about renewing ESP? I just paid $100 to replace water pump and several gaskets to stop the oil leak last week. It runs smoother now than it did...
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    2018 Explorer XLT Oil Leak

    I just had my oil leaked fixed and water pump replaced last week. The tech told me that the engine was taken out in order to do both repairs/replacement. Now it runs smoooooth!
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    Highest Mileage 5th Generation Explorer

    I wonder if the head cracked. I will find out soon what was done to the engine.
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    Highest Mileage 5th Generation Explorer

    My 2014 EXP is in shop oh well has been there for a month. I originally had service done to check the oil leak which had gotten worse but it was not like oil pouring out but slow leak. Then the tech found a water leak... last week they ordered parts and were waiting for someone else's...
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    Newbie Question: Towing a Popup Camper

    Yup Steve still live up north. I been member since Sept 2011 but not sure if I remember Bill my memory isnt that good...
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    Newbie Question: Towing a Popup Camper

    ahhh allmyEXes... I am still active in as Halford There has been hot discussion about GRVW and stupid "Dry weight". Many of the popup owners bought heavy popups thinking that their van or weak vehicles can tow these. My Explorer with factory installed Tow Package was the...
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    2020 Explorer

    I see what you mean the sideways was for trans-axle (front wheel drive) right?
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    2020 Explorer

    straight inline 6? wow
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    Explorer at dealership for repairs

    Thank goodness for extended warranty! The dealer service dept found oil seeping out and also water leak from water pump. I have to wait a few weeks before they touch my Explorer... long line. currently driving old Accord. Explorer is now at 103,000 miles. Is that normal that water...
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    2020 Explorer

    I hope it is not smaller than mine. Like the rear wheel though. and the bumper.
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    2020 Explorer PIU

    I would wait until 2023 to buy the new designed Explorers. That's what I did with the current Generation - bought the 2014 rather than 2011. Ford would work out the bugs first few years.
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    How many miles will an explorer go for?

    Sadly my 2014 Explorer XLT just hit the 100,000 miles. I was hoping its a lot less but I travel 96 miles round-trip to work and back daily. No engine issues so far. Runs like new and still going strong. (no need to knock wood, I believe in Ford).
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    Ford offers free repairs to 1.4 Million Explorers - Exhaust

    Never had any exhaust issues... got it checked though. replaced all necessary parts (probably not needed). The dealer also fixed the door trims at the same time. The sad thing is that I just went over 100,000 miles.
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    Should I buy an explorer

    2nd Explorer and Love them. I still look forward to the 20 Explorer and see what change will be made.
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    sync 3 3.0 ... no waze support?

    I believe if Ford use this as one of selling points that Waze can be used with Sync on all Ford vehicles
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    How much gas left after the gauge says 0 miles??

    The lowest I went was 6 when I stop by Costco gas station.
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    How much gas left after the gauge says 0 miles??

    I once almost ran out of gas on my 1984 Escort. My engine died just a few feet from the pump! I just coasted a few feet then stopped. Never did that again.
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    During my oil regular oil change, transmission fluid and coolant were flushed and change, also. everything else looks good at 94,000 miles.
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    Check YouTube DIY cabin filter replacement for 201X ford explorer
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    Camera Washer Not Working

    hahahaha this is the first I knew that there is a washer for the rear camera. Why isn't there a wiper for the camera? how could camera cleaner clean camera without wiper?
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    a I had to be careful with pins at both ends of bottom. took me a while to snap em back on but next time I would just but a large coffee can under the glove box door, there would be ample room for me to change filter. that way I would not have to deal with the hinge pins. I wish the hinges...
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    Changed cabin filter. Easier than I thought!
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    transmission oil and filter

    Mobil 1 has tranny fluid???
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    transmission oil and filter

    WIX has a factory in Gastonia, NC where I was born. My best friend is a supervisor there.
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    Coolant smell

    hope the manifold did not crack.
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    Wobble in the front end

    warped rotors or lug nuts are loose?
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    Feel like I won a bunch of money.

    Mine died at 224,000 miles with no trouble with timing chains.
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    New to the forum, but still undecided on which year Explorer to get.

    yea I had to replace all the joints. It only took 2 hours. the Driver's side was so hard because there was something in way but in the passenger side, it was a breeze to replace the joints. Did not have CV Joints though. Then the drive was smoother from there on.
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    New to the forum, but still undecided on which year Explorer to get.

    That was the risk I took when i bought the 96 Sport. It lasted for about 125K miles.
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    Ordered My New 2018 Explorer

    Congrats on excellent purchase!
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    Adding Recovery Hooks on 5th Gen?

    insert new hooks under frames?